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  • Hi, are you taking custom clips, I'd love to se Lady sofia doing some throat trampling barefoot. Regards
    Could you please make some videos of feet feeding? I am imagine how great if would be if the slave drink and eat different things from the ladies feet particularly my mistress, Leyla's feet. I have some nice idea, Please contact me at herslave@protonmail.com
    hi,, i also am a big fan. could you do a private clip where the blue rubber ball is under a Chair-leg and one of the girls repeatedly butt drops on the chair?
    Hi i'm fan of your great store, i try contact you but no email appear.
    my email is gohlink@hotmail.fr
    Hi, I love every single one of your posts. They're always utterly stunning. I noticed that you're using c4s to sell clips. Are you aware of Clipsfatale.com? 79/30 split in your favour, more flexible and more functionality. Please contact Suzy for details and tell her I sent you.

    Hi I'm a huge fan of Goddess Leyla and your store is excellent.
    I wonder which fantasy Goddess Leyla like the best? Has she a personel slave for 7/24.
    Recently, you made hard ''kicking'' and ''face slapping'' clips and Goddess Leyla seems very happy and satisfied in these clips.Will you continue to make these hard clips?
    Hi HA. Big fan and buyer here. Could I suggest:

    1) dirty feet worship clips?
    2) adding a handjob element (with shoe/foot domination) in your clips?
    Thank U.. I dream about suffering under Goddess Leyla and Friends..being Crushed like bug and made into Their ashtray
    Hi there - can you email me on <pedantik@yahoo.co.uk> - I have some info' on someone pirating your clips - I did have your email but seem to have lost it.

    Where does Goddess Leyla come from? Is she Turkish?
    And is it possible that you make a video with Goddess Leyla stepping and staning on my feet with some classic stiletto pumps?

    Best wishes,
    Hello. I am just wondering if Lady Iveta has something Bulgarian. The name is very typical. Anyway i am her true fan.
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