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  • Not too rash at all. We're kind of in a limbo here since I moved to another city. Trying to find new models ;) Got some good leads and Smoke says she'd love to do more stuff...so cross your fingers!
    Hey, I was wondering if the girls who trample you would be interested in trampling me on one occasion in Houston. I'm relatively new to the scene and just want to see what it's like. Would you be ok with that? I apologize if that's too rash of me to request.
    I am also located in Houston and relatively new to the trampling scene. Do you ever hold trample parties or just get together with other people who enjoy trampling?
    Hi HoustonFetish!
    Thank you very much about all the deffense inside trample forum, and thanks for understand my intention...it would be great being part of your forum too...but also I have another suggestion...I work as customer services representative for MFX , FK and Fetish4real Brazil...some great sites ( MFX is the most important)...We can be partners, change banners...what do you think?
    Hi! Welcome back and a happy new year! Looking forward to your new site. Have missed your and Ms. Fetish's work.
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