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  • Hey James, you mentioned that you where in contact with Ms Julie? Do you have any contact details for her? Email/ facebook/ fetlife? Thanks! :)
    Hi James, you did a session with Katarina(russian lady) a while back. Do you know if she still does sessions and any contact?
    Hey james, i take it you've done sessions with MistressJess. Just wanted to ask how her smothering was ie. Mild-extreme.

    She's 3-4 hours away from me, but depending on your reply it could be worth it :)

    Hi well found a girl yay
    The fee for the double is £100 per girl so won't break the bank hopefully
    The dates she can do are below
    4th,5th,7th,11th, 12th,19th and 20th April
    she is called Rebecca and has a very good arse for facesitting
    Please contact me if you are interested and we will go from there
    Paige X
    Hi James, Do you know if the 2 girls you mentioned in an older post are still around (one Czech, one Slovak).. they sounded amazing and I am just finding the posting! They are no longer listed in AdultWork.com per the link.. any help much appreciated!
    james change the ages of the girls in the story to 18 or youll get banned, fart forum be quck, hope you get this in time
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