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    I've changed your Username to 'Jewel', as requested.

    All your past posts will still show up, but now under the Username 'Jewel'.

    I would love to be crushed beneath your perfect feet Goddess, and also beneath the feet of your husband.

    You are both so superior and incredible, slaves beneath your feet are very lucky.
    Hello mistress Brandi I contacted you once before. I would love to be trample by you. You can email me at Im from Pittsburgh. Would love to be under your feet.
    Hi Brandi ... love your site and also hope you can video with Pete Tino 'The Human Floor" ... I wish all girls had the Femme Fatale Trample Fetish ... you are a Goddes! ;)
    Hey Brandi, tried to send this though fetlife but there closed for some reason. Can you & your hub see me tomorrow (Sunday) around 12noon? This is Vic From Altoona Pa. Its about a 4 hour trip for me. The last 6 pictures you put on fetlife where so wonderful. If yes, plz let me know, tx me 814 327 5391, I'd make good footage. Soregut2 on utube
    hello again Ms. Brandi, as it turns out i'll be coming through the buffalo area on Monday night, will You be available Ma'am? it would be an honor to kneel before You. if You can do it, just let me know, my email is -s
    hi wish you lived in uk you could trample me anytime after all ime only a mere doormat for you to wipe your feet on xxx
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