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  • Hi Jimmy, I just wanted to leave you a message and let you know I'm really glad you said something about that guy and his issues. He may not want to see it and that Ms S might not want to admit that her site seems sort of sick, but I'm glad someone said something about it. So thanks.
    I share a similar view to you in relation to the womenhurtmen thread. I am not exactly sure where Ms S is coming from, she certainly made a negative of my observations about safety and the fact that the site really makes money on the strength of the subs they beat without mercy, class, safety or care factor. Looks great for the true believers but lacks understanding of true sub/dom relationships.

    My treatment's the same but always with balanced respect both ways. I guess some folks miss whole points. The best domme in the world is only as good as the best sub and what that person permits sane or otherwise. The guys must love the treatment or they would not come back but those on a self destruct path (and I have been there and waver in and out of it from time to time) dont realise until it is too late. Without the subs it would be just a bunch of attractive cruel english girls with no way to showcase their great cruelty and poor attitude.
    I don't know if this message will be private. Have some things to say about camera work. Could you email me? If this is private, we can continue like this.
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