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  • Thanks for the compliments man. As far as the question. Naa, it doesn't bother me. Were all here to share right? Although, they do show me up with the pics, it's kind of a compliment that they would choose my threads to 'hijack' as you say. haha. Besides, if I'm lucky, I get on here once a week. Usually on Saturdays. If I chose to just post and not read all the threads of fellow members, I'd post a lot more. But I'd rather be a part of the community, and post less. If you know what I mean.... Anyway, thanks man. I appreciate the concern. By the way, you post some great stuff too, that I don't miss. Take care.
    Hi Matt,
    Thanks for the message....I must admit myself in more into licking her pussy while she,s over and on my face rather than being totally smothered in that way...but im sure if thats what you wanted she would be more than happy to do that and sit as firmly on you as you want...1 thing sadly tho she dont allow rimming or ass worship apart from kissing her bottom cheeks...i would love to rim her myself but thats a no no...my email is kinkyphuqa@yahoo.co.uk
    Hi there. Thank you for your message about your Indian Mistress who facesits you. I have see some of your posts with photos of her and she looks stunning, with a gorgeous butt. Does she smother you quite firmly and for long periods before she allows you a breath? My email address is matt76_2@yahoo.com

    Thanks again for your message.
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