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  • Hi LisaLisa,

    Hope you are well. You posted a while ago:

    "I guess I could bury a few of you in the ground with just your head sticking up if you like! Then I could place little red cone shaped hats on you and use you as practice bollards while I drive around...
    I would not only want to practice driving around, but I would also like to have a go at using the bucket thing as well.
    It looks really easy when someone else uses it, but I think I would be scooping allsorts up before I actually hit the target.

    I guess you could always shout up the instructions to me if I kept the cab window open and when the instructions suddenly go quiet, I could move onto the next one..."

    But could you really do it?

    I'm sure there are both willing 'victims' and wicked ladies who would!

    If you could elaborate, I would love to read it! it is a shame a longer, detailed story has not been written, particularly in your wickedly playful style, around such a scenario.

    Regards, Steve B x
    It appears you disappeared shortly after I left on my hiatus from MDFF. I do miss our old friendship here.
    Heya LisaLisa :) Hope you're doing well! I've tried to get in touch but unsure of your email. Unfortunately my old account was compromised :( However I do have a new GMail account :)
    Hello lisalisa,
    I have to say you have a fantastic store and really high risk too. A few years ago, if you had told me that I'd be comfortable using another human's face as a doormat, I'd tell you that you're crazy! But I have done it. I have stood and wiped boots on 5 men's faces in my life. I am currently dating one too. He told me about your store and wants me to view all the doormat, wiping filthy boots and muddy boot clips.

    My boyfriend likes when I wipe the entire sole of my boots on his face. The more his facial skin rubs against my boot sole, the more he gets excited.

    So thank you for the inspiration. We have a good healthy relationship. He's glad he has me to clean my boots on him :) Who's gonna judge us?

    You don't have a lot of clips where mouth and lips are used as doormat. You have some, and we watch them a lot. I wipe my boots on his mouth a lot and stretch his lips.

    Keep up the great work! We're fans!
    Dear Lisa,
    A quick note to say I bought 'dirt buster' and 'the grass is always greener' on Tuesday and, unfortunately, the 2nd one was of Sunday in leather boots rather than lovely and muddy Hunters. I am writing via this site rather than clips4sale as I did not want it to appear a criticism of your site. I hope that is OK
    Very best regards.

    I see you're listed as a moderator in the Tales from the Dark Side forum. I really need to update a link in a topic I made ("Story collection (themes: non-consensual, oral servitude, bondage)"), since the current link in the first post is outdated (over two years old), and most people seem to only be using that link. Any chance you could take the link for the story collection from post # 53 and put it in post # 1 (replacing the old link). I would much appreciate it.

    Best regards,

    Hello Lisa.

    I have been a huge fan of Trample Lodge for the last 3 years. I've had the privilege of purchasing almost 200 of your clips.

    My favourite so far is "Table Ashtray". I couldn't figure out a way to contact your clip store on the actual clips4sale site, so hopefully this works. Do you have any plans to create a newer clip similar to "Table ashtray"? I would love to watch one in HD.

    Also, can I ask, do you do custom clips?

    Thank you.
    Hi Lisa, in a post quite a while back, you said:

    "As for the face being trampled in a deliberate and controlled manner, well I beg to differ in many respects because the face has had an incredible amount of injuries (some serious) after all no matter how controlled you may want to be about where you are putting your feet you are still treading on a face with your shoes on, to which it really, really doesn't take much to crush the thing like it’s a piece of rubbish so no it doesn't quite work that easily and you end up treading on it anyway! Besides which if you stick your heel through the thing you make a great clip, but then you can only do that once!"

    If you advertised for faces to be used, brutally, only once, do you think you might get anyone interested in giving it a go? and if you could get away with it, would you be happy to oblige?
    Hi Lisa - can you tell me why the YouTube thread has gone please - you can contact me on <pedantik@yahoo.co.uk> - TIA.
    hello lisalisa just wanted to compliment you,(hope this does not offend you) you are a very good writer and come across as an extremely buitifull lady, i can imagine men falling at your feet as in the batman film(poison ivy walked on them like a carpet), if all females were like you us males would have no hope, just wanted to pay you a compliment
    Hello LisaLisa, Just wanted to say hello. I have been here a while but never posted. Thought it was high time I did. Face trampled in a shoe is my fantasy or face in a floor. Just wanted to say hello
    Thank you for the message. I'm sorry for the late reply - somehow I did not notice it earlier.
    I will definitely be waiting for the message from You. Not getting one would be more upsetting than receiving it after a week or a month :)

    Best wishes for the New Year!
    On my knees,
    Hi dear. It's your old acquaintance Marcus here. eroticmemories@hotmail.com Just in case you'd like to say hi sometime. Cherio!
    Hello. I love reading your posts and the banter we have. I have updated my profile with contact details if you want to chat more.
    Im going to make it my lifes mission to become your permanent doormat :)
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