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  • I took the old one down due to a Harry Potter fanfic also dealing with that fetish not having the correct tags, and being afraid of having my account debunked. I'm trying to locate the first chapter of the original...I kept the ending to it and may have to rewrite the rest. I think this version has a better means of tying characters together. I will post as many of the chapters on AFFN again as I can locate from the files in my computer, but a bit more strategically this time. I'm working on Chapter Six of the new one currently...it'll get as long as the old one again eventually. I'll have to refrain from posting any more on this site...some things wouldn't be allowed here. I believe the final chapter count of the old version before I took it down was twenty-five chapters. That world has so much to explore, though...it could have many more, once they're ready to be posted, they will be.
    Hi, I saw you on AFFN a long time ago and you had a long story called The World of Buttkissing that is gone now? You have anothet with the same name but it's different, this one was much longer. What happened to the old one? I want to read it again.
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