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  • Hi Bob
    I am looking for Kat...she used to be in Rugby. Would you have a contact for her. I saw her years ago and she has changed her mobile number as well. Would you be able to help? Please email me on anmol1331@hotmail.com
    Dear LondonBob

    I was doing a search for stories that were posted in the "Facesitting Pics/Clips" forum today, which is how I came across your story "Hardcore Story". I really liked what I saw from part two and onwards, however, I can see that the first part was deleted by a moderator. Could you, by any chance, put those parts (or the whole story) in a text document, and send it to me (asjo @ ofir.dk).

    I know it's a lot to ask, but I would much appreciate it.

    Best regards,

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