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  • GODDESS, will YOU please a loser to buy YOU a pair of high heel shoes or boots ? Do YOU enjoy turning YOUR male slaves into cocksuckers ? What is the most humiliating act YOU enjoy having YOUR slave do for YOU ? ... Being laughed at by YOU would be a honor !!!
    Hello GODDESS MACRINA, this is welcome mat mark or slave mark , GODDESS, may I have YOUR permission to buy YOU a pair of boots and or high heel shoes as a gift to YOUR Superiority ??? Please ???
    Yes mistress, I'm your worthless dog. Its a great honour to be your slave. I'll email you mistress.
    Please talk to me mistress. I'll do whatever you want. I am your mindless drone.
    Forgive me for my stupidity Mistress Macrina. I am so dumb. I understood mistress. I am completely in your control.My name is Sid. I live in India. I am in college. I am good at maths & stuff. I am 168 cm tall. I am really thin. What more do you want to know about me mistress ?
    I would love to lick dirt off your feet & boots. I want to be trampled by your gorgeous feet. I want you to control my pathetic loser life.Please sit on my ugly face.Please train me to be a better slave. Please give me instructions on what to do everyday. I'll be your faithful dog.
    May I send you an email, Mistress ? Can I have your email id ? Please mistress, I know iam worthless.
    I beg you mistress, please allow me to serve you. Please give a meaning to my life. Please Mistress Macrina, I really think I can follow your orders.
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