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  • Hello do you know where i can buy all of debby facesitting videos from facesitting girls and jeanssitting?
    Hello, Marco.
    Thanks for all of your fantastic uploads. I am a big, I'm a huge fan of 'Valantina' of Facesitting girls. Do you have any more pictures of her 'front facesitting?' I simply can't join Facesitting Girls or buy any pictures from Thailand, it's where I live now, the bank here want's to know every detail of every purchase I make & the reasons why! Two or three photos of Valantina in 'front facesitting' would be great. Can you help me at all? Thank you anyway for your fantastic postings.
    Hey Marco, I have two questions concerning your sites

    1. Do you think we'll ever get some new sessions from Mistress Katja once she's done with University?

    2. Some girls like Katja and Mercedes do some sessions for a very long time, whereas some like Luisa and Despina only do a few sessions and that's the last we ever see of them. Why is this?
    How are you Marco? My name is Jacob and live in Indiana, USA.

    I have always really liked your clips/movie stores and posts on MDFF, you have some of the nicest clips. The ladies are are by far the prettiest and sexiest Goddesses online! If you would ever be interested in another male sub for your store I would love to be one if you would be comfortable with that. I have done some filming before with Amyleen Moore, Britney Sands, Kylie and Lila Fetish, Scatprincess and Sistasrule - all are on c4s and other member websites.

    I am going to be going back to Italy, Romania and Berlin at the end of July / early August and would absolutely love to meet you and be used in your video clips. If you want to know more about me please just let me know. If you would be interested or have any questions please e-mail me back. Keep making fetish clips because you are the best! Thanks and have a great weekend – Jacob
    Marco. I have female friend from Slowenien.Very sexy dominant gilr. She like to casting whit you.Is this possible?
    I am serius
    Hey Marco,

    I was wondering what happened to Mistress Katja. There hasn't been an update in over 8 months.
    Hello Marco. I´ve been trying to join your websites for months, but I can´t -- it seems like Inet Cash has banished me from using their services because they claim I issued chargebacks, which I never did! Any other way to pay for access? I´ve been a fan since the first weeks of, really miss your material. Thanks!
    Hi Marco

    Im in berlin for a few days, any recommended facesitters around here? They need to be able to speak english though i cant speak german haha!

    hi marco, love all the work you do. just wondering if you could put the alexa facesitting clip on the yoogirls clip store? that girl is amazing!
    Hey Marco, what happened to the Staria forum?
    'coz as it is now, i get a message saying "Fehler 404" and then "Sehr geehrter Besucher..."
    Hello I have a question about yezzclips...when you say pee and scat; just to clarify are you allowing the consumption of both in videos or just solo peeing and defecation?
    Hi Marko
    gibts eigentlich auch eine Chance, dass du eine Schwulen Facesittingseite aufmachst? So wie ich das sehe, ist die Nachfrage danach ziemlich groß.
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