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  • hi there. I like the look of you cock stomping table. I have a few questions for you? What type of wood did you use? also how big is the hole in it? you can reach me at
    I’m sorry but I’ve been away from the for7m for quite a while. If you still have a question about the cockbox please let me know.
    Hey Marcus

    I hope you get the chance to be under Destiny's big lovely soles. I had a bit of fun doing a bit of trash-talking on your behalf. Fun because I'm not the one who will be on the receiving end. But look at the bright side - you won't have to deal with Destiny AND Kaitlyn. If you had the chance to seem in their primes, they teamed up to do a lot of damage.

    Good luck and enjoy, my friend!
    Hello Marcus!

    I had noticed that you had gone quiet again and decided to check you out (do I seem a little obsessive :-0)? I have not visited or conrtributed much recently - I'm finding that there's much less discussion and The Community demographics, far too similar sadly.

    It is always nice to hear from an old friend though. Thank you for your message.

    Miss Belladonnah.
    Hey, my friend! Hope all is well. Didn't want to post this on the main forum. We had this discussion before about asking your ladyfriends to do some good barefoot trample. Sara Akeera did two custom videos for me that were awesome. In fact, they became top sellers on her site for months. Ms Yuliya also did a barefoot trample clip for me that was not custom, but in response to a request I made on the Forum. I loved it! Not so much luck with a couple of the other girls, including one who used YOU in the clip (true!). Drop me your email address and I'll give you a quick rundown.
    Hi Marcus, hope you and your family are enjoying a beautiful Canada Day Weekend!
    Feel free to message me at and we will talk more then. :)

    Talk soon,
    (P.S. I keep my real name private in the forum)
    Hey Marcus let me know when you are coming to Ottawa and hopefully we will be able to get together for a coffee or something. I would like together to know you before I introduce you to my wife. I would hope you are cool with that? :)
    Hi Marcus,
    Sorry for not replyin earlier to you. I haven't been to MDFF's for a very long time and had a chance to log in tonight.
    The wife and I live in Ottawa. Too bad cause it might have been fun to use you in a clip or two. :)
    Hallo Markus, vielleicht hatten wir schon Kontakt ich bin mir nicht mehr sicher. Ich bin der Michael aus Duisburg und ich habe bereits mehrere richtig große Multitrampling- Aktionen mit Cheerleader- Vereinen selbst durchgeführt. Bisher war es für mich kein Problem einen entsprechend großen Verein mit Teamstärken von bis zu 45 Cheerleadern zu organisieren ( was mich die Bereitschaft betreffend selbst gewundert hat) es war vielmehr so das ich aus gesundheitlichen Gründen und mit Rücksicht auf meine Beziehung mehrere konkrete Angebote letzlich abgelehnt habe.
    Es reizt mich jedoch so etwas erneut zu organisieren und dabei nur die Rolle des Beoachters einzunehmen der für gute Fotos und eine Video Dokumentation des Ganzen sorgt.
    Wenn Du also noch Interesse hast an einem "Rekordversuch" wo es um 30+ Cheerleader gleichzeitig geht sollten wir uns zusammen tun. Schreib mir mal zurück und wir können sicher sehen ob da nicht was geht, Mit freundlichen Grüßen, Michael
    Marcus, you're a tart and I am unavailable! LOL.

    I have truly missed your often interesting contribution and the dynamics you brought to The Forum. I remember starting a thread titled 'What Has Happened To Marcus?' (or something to that effect) And there were some really touching responses left in honour of you. Did you ever see it?

    And yeah, in different circumstances I would have you budgeting for monthly trips to the UK as long as your wife was all right about it. ;-)
    Actually, I got those tow clips last year. Not bad. Bijou was the one I really wanted to see, but honestly, I liked the way Therapy trampled you better. She went more after your guts, which I just love. Bijou did a little of it, but not as much as I would've liked.

    I love BF trampling, but particularly on the bare stomach. As the recipient and as a voyeur. In a "trample video" I want to see more trampling and less "playing" around. There's only one producer out there who consistently serves it up like that, and that's Tread. He and I are definitely kindred spirits when it comes to barefoot trampling! And lately I definitely like what Ausguy is doing. He's no Tread, but he's better than most! :beer:
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