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  • There's an interesting concept.
    I'll keep that on in mind for future use.
    Thank you for contributing.
    I hope you place a poem, or philosophic discussion there as well ;)
    Hello Miss Belladonnah - Ages ago I floated an idea about a story I was going to write from two perspectives, one male one female. I asked at the time if you'd agree to help out with some questions about how you thought the female character might be feeling in certain situations, and you seemed willing enough. I wonder if you still would consider it? The first few chapters are already in the story section under the title "A New life".
    Mistress B has kindly helped already, and it would be fantastic to have another take on it. Thank you !
    Oh yeah, the servers have been an absolute mess. Hopefully it's fixed now.

    It's amazing how such an innocent thing can be so sexual when a fetish is involved. We were joking about how it was the most PG threesome of all time.
    Miss Belladonnah, why hast thou forsaken me and my foot massage thread? ;-)

    I finally got to rub my wife and her friends feet the other night. I think I did ok.
    Thank you for appreciating and understanding my posts, as I'm sure other's don't comprehend my points along with my openess, and some tend to become intimidated by it.

    Individuals are often too focused, making themselves unsure of what to think about specific topics, rather than just thinking about it, then contributing.

    Please call me Bella ;)
    I take great interest in reading your arguments Miss Belladonnah. You have a witty way about you, despite the rest of the comments in the Flame Pit. This I admire.

    Thank you for you contributions :)
    Ha ha ha!! It's your mind, Miss Belladonah; for me, there is nothing sexier than a smart Woman. Thank you.
    Miss Belladonah, if it isn't too much trouble would you mind commenting on my thread about foot massage tips?
    Hello Miss Belladonnah,

    Yes I have gone quiet and no I don't think you are obsessive at all. I find I do the same thing from time to time. Since I haven't the same connections as before I find it less likely I would return to the volumes of relationships and messages we shared before. It's the same old problem with internet relationships, too far between face to face makes this an eventually frustrating experience.

    So I look at a few of the pictures and posts that I enjoy and once in a while I say something or contribute something. Life goes on anyway.

    I am still as interested in the fetish we share as ever. I contribute and enjoy through my participation as a volunteer model mostly for clubstiletto and a few other local dominatrix producers. I never tire of meeting the same or new friends willing to trample me or use me for fun.

    I forget where you are located but it would be nice had we the opportunity to enjoy one day. I hate the words "one day" don't you?

    Hi Ms. Belladonnah,

    I saw you visited my name here so thought I'd say hello. Hello! I'm still the same old Marcus you knew from so long ago.

    Miss Belladonnah. I have no doubt all concede to you. Seems fitting. I will not bow out of the conversation, of course, without your permission.
    Miss Belladonna. I am desperately trying to bow out of the discussion by conceding to you. You know more about religion than me.
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