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  • Video request; Being vacuum over as a human carpet

    Could make a food mess with your high heels on a male or female slaves than you vacuum up the mess off of the male or female slave
    Good Evening Mistress Tiffany,

    I have some questions regarding a fantasy I've had for a while and was curious to see how you would answer the following questions;

    I was just curious... If you had me completely under your control, what would your plans for me be? How would you go about capturing/enslaving me? And lastly if a woman (girlfriend) were to try to rescue me and you saw her trying to free me, how would you go about stopping her/subduing her? Would you keep and enslave her or sell her to another master to keep she and I apart? And finally, how would you punish her for trying to free me?

    I look forward to your response...

    Hi Miss Tiffany, I wish one day I be trampled by your converse and then lick it. Then smell your knee high socks, and lick it as well.I also wish you trample me by your boots, and I lick it. I'll spend my time under you ass all day just to be close of you.

    I hope one day you visit lebanon.
    Hey Miss Tiffany, do you ever come to Toronto? I'd love to be your slave for your visit if you do. I'd love to worship your feet and be on a leash under your control. Please message me back.
    Greetings Miss Tiffany,
    I will be coming to LV in April. It would be an exotic dream come true to for me to meet you, and you beat me ... on camera of course, or use me as you see fit. Sure I have ideas on what dynamic and visually appealing action may occur (passionately kissing your ass in a public place perhaps?), but its all up to you. Do you see any potential here or specific directions for me to follow in order to prove my worth? Pics or written material submitted upon request.
    Keep up the great work Miss Tiffany. You're the best.
    Miss Tiffany do you ever visit London?

    I'd be your slave if you're ever here in the UK and need someone to humiliate.
    Dear Goddess, please is it possible to join if i pay cash. I dond have a visa card, and in Belgium its difficult to buy us dollar. Please can you help me. Your SLAVE.
    Hey mistress, I'm 21 and play college lacrosse and am new here to the site. I'm a huge fan of facesitting/ass worship and am looking to get into it. I was wondering if you had any suggestions on how to become a slave?
    if you wanna send me another invite on youtube,I lost your other one before I could okay it..Thanks
    Scenario proposal. Miss wearing business dress and higheel boots
    1. Draining slaves wallet for shopping
    2, Returning from shopping, slave carrying the bags
    3. Clean Miss boots on slaves white shirt
    4. Letting slave lick boots and soles clean with back to a wall
    5. Letting slave lick stocking feet against wall, face rub, face slap with feet
    6 Putting boots back on
    7 Trampling slave
    Please, Goddess Tiffany..i worship the ground You walk on. i dream every night on You...let me be the latests of Your slaves.

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