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  • Guess I have not been on here for a while. Hope your doing well Mistress. Me, alone and going insane.
    Hello Mistress, how are you ? I would love to chat with you sometime, hopefully soon enough.
    Take care
    your willing slave
    Hi. Are you a very strong white woman with a rude side or temper? You look a lot stronger than my mother and I enjoy respecting white women over her.

    That is my mom in the picture on my page.

    My mom is jealous of white women and gets upset when they fart by her.What would you do to my mother if she made the mistake of getting an attitude or hitting u for farting by her? You deserve gift money.

    I attachged picture of my mom, a jealous black lady:

    I'm glad you like them. I just kept typing and the stories just kept popping in my head. Know I'll probably get writers block for another couple of years. And yes it is my fantasy to bad it would never happen. Darn
    So more of a generic interest in flashy fantasy characters that use necromancy than an actual interest in the art itself. I've done some basic reading on it but no more than that.

    Sorry about the long reply, I tend to write long e-mails/posts/messages without giving them any real substance.
    Sorry, nothing that interesting behind the nickname. I was forced to choose a new nickname when starting my Pixiv account a few years ago to publish my captioned 3D image stories on, as I couldn't use my usual internet alias because of the content of the stories. I have little interest in real life to indulge in most of the subjects I write stories/make art/create porn games about, so my mind somehow ended up at another contradiction in my interests. Which is that I've always liked necromancer characters in fantasy comics/stories/games even though I generally dislike any non-melee combat in comics/movies/games, hence The Necromancer is what I ended up filling in the form. After 'getting' a few hundred followers I just decided to keep it that way and use it as my '18+ alias' even though it's in no way related to the stuff I write (I have no interest in necrophilia or making fantasy sex stories that could involve a necromancer character for example).
    How much do u charge for ur stories mistress? And I mean like you putting me in a
    Trash garbage bag, and use me as if I was just a peice of regular house garbage. Uclidng tampons, condoms, toilet paper, food scrapes, just about everything u would find in a garbage can.
    Well to be honest i was just sucking up to You. But this forum is hopelessly over moderated with regard to content and a lot of the best writers no longer post here for that reason.
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