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  • Greetings! I'm quite a fan of all MFX work and have recently spent a few thousand dollars loading my computer for when I head back to work in an area where most god sites are banned (hard to get even with a proxy). I have most of the multiple armchair, sofa, facef.. gang, etc...I really liked the video you mention here, four girls in some new and creative face crushing....do you have any more like this? Regards, B
    Do you work for Marco? I am LAURIE. I stayed with you in sao paulo. nIt was good. Which guy are you? Best wishes.
    What if you forward my whole request.You seem to be closer to the base then i am. :)

    You need to be very careful with that...

    MDFF Rules say 'No racial comments'.....So, fetish pics featuring people of different races, or colour - in themselves - are acceptable. We often see multi racial pics posted.

    However, any commentary - or visual depiction - that, effectively, said a person of a certain race, or colour, was inferior in some way, or whatever, on the basis of that colour, or race, would be against the spirit of what we do here.....And, that would be a tricky balance to achieve in a Domination/submission context....It could be easily misunderstood.....So, you'd have to walk a very fine line each time.

    Whilst I'm not saying don't do what you are suggesting - I am saying be most cautious, if you do try to walk that fine line.

    Is there anyway I can volunteer to be a seat for those laides on your men are post?Im young and can handle alot of pain
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