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  • Hey,

    Do you still have anything to do with Fetishcod? I've emailed a few days ago but no response. You got an email by any chance?

    hi i was told by undrneath that my stuff belongs in only the bbw forum thats why it was created.....its great that guys can find bbws with one clip but why are we put in a box the no boob girls and the big boob girls and the tall girls and the skinny girls can post everywhere why not allow us to post in the big forum cause until a guy sees a pic then how does he not know whether the girl doing what ever moves him....honestly i like black guys and big guys and thin guys its the pic of what they are doing that moves me thanks for thinking about this red
    Hi Mr Crypt, sorry if this is lamo question, but I havea profile picture up, I see it from my end, but when I post a message it doesnt show up like yours. on the left of my message. Is there another spot I need to upload that picture to?
    Mr. crypt, I used to go to Luke with my questions but since he got out of the game, he doesn't reply by email anymore.

    Do you have an email I can send my questions to?
    Hello got your message on my Giantess Post about a the MD Banner? I do have your banner here http://dynamitexxxcam.com/links but you also request on all my c4s stores too?
    I thought I read it wasn't necessary on c4s but my own website would be fine. Maybe I read wrong.?
    Please advise, thanks
    Hi MrCrypt. Can you please send me the contact or some way to get in touch with the women or people that run the forced smoking store on your site, called breathe. (can't think of full name off hand). What they shoot in those clips is exactly what I would like to enjoy in a session. I found it under the Asian category at fetish COD. My email address is calgarysmother@gmail.com Thanks
    oh well thats ok i cud stay in so cal for months at a time i relle want to be in a video if it was possible for me to stay their can i be a slave when u start up again
    Mr Crypt - I live in the So Cal area; 22 years old, athletic, dark complexion....Immense desire to be smothered and dominated on camera. Btw I have mild experience with a different femdom clips site. Would love to be a shoot slave for some of your work :) Look forward to hearing back from you soon
    oh ok thanks and no i dnt live near so cal but is it possible if wen u begin filming again i can get ther and stay ther during filming?
    Hi sidsta1 here. How are you? I have put some ideas up on my recent unknowing sitting thread. What do you think?
    hey Mr Crypt

    I was browsing my hdd and I found some old smother clips I bought from Fetishcod some time ago ( it is 9 clips ). However I cant get them to play? I dont know if I have asked you before if I can get soem help to get them to work.

    All clips are smother.com productions and bought from fetishcod.

    any help ?
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