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  • Hi Mr Tramplefantasy! Do you have a site on yet? If not let me know and I'll send you a sign up link to get an extra 10% commission for the first 6 months. I work with them both as a studio owner and affiliate. and I can get you the best rate. Plus your revenue will be in Euros, which is great :)
    Evening, sorry to bother you but just wanted you to know that i loved what you posted to the ground and i would still love to hear what was going to happen next
    You have some great clips on there, a far more enjoy the unknowing style of trample, where the girl doesn't seem to realise she is walking on someone. For me that is far better than the cips where they just walk back and forth up and down or over the body knowing that it is there.
    Most of the clips I have bought show the random style of trample.

    What I would really love ot see is a bit more along the lines of the walk over trample
    For example, lie across a foot path or at the base of a step or set of stairs, and have the likes of Valerie, preferably wearing her converse, walk over you as if you are part of the footpath or staircase.
    if done properly this always looks great, and most of the girls you use seem to be experts at just walking over a body without any more care than they would walk over a bag of flower. be even better if you could get two or more giles in a row or even side by side to do it too.
    Hey i see your looking for people to participate in your smother/facesit videos, is that still available? I'm a 19 year old in the denver area looking to try this out.
    Looks pretty good. How long did you last with her on your chest? Was she sitting full weight the whole time? It looks like you were mostly on a bed. I like to have my bf on our weight bench or on the floor. Love watching him get weaker as I sit. Did she actually sit on your face? And you passed out? Wow! That would be fun!
    I don't know who that is. How heavy are you? Are you a bodybuilder? My bf can't handle me sitting on him for very long. I would likely crush you.
    I'm sure he doesn't feel lucky when I'm on him. I feel so aroused by the power I feel. I love to sit straight up over his lungs with my knees draped over his shoulders. I'd like to pass him out like that but maybe it's too dangerous. Do you have any idea where I could find a video like that?
    I know his limit isn't much over 15 to 20 minutes when I have all my weight on his chest. I'm pretty new to this and I'm kind of ashamed that I like so much. I love to watch his reaction as he gets weaker and weaker. He tries to lift me but he can't and that makes me want to stay on longer and heavier. I know it's wrong of me but it's no damn exciting. Im sorta mad at the guy who introduced me to this. I'm 5' 11 too but I weigh a fair bit more than amber. Thanks for responding.
    I just noticed you have done some clips with a girl about my size. Amber. You appear to be similar size to my bf. I have often fantasized about making him pass out under me but I am just a bit worried about it. Have you ever done that or do you know of someone who has? I am curious about how long I can stay on him without causing permanent damage. Thanks
    Hols :)
    Hi! I must say you have very intresting type fetisch, the one with the objectification, the one I specially adore at the most. There is no one at moment or should i say for many, many years someone had shown this accually variation of the fetisch. Nice, hope to see more. Thanks! :))
    Hey MTF! Just wondered if you ever asked Stephanie about her facesitting experiences from her personal life? It sounded like she was willing to tell you about some if you liked! That would be pretty sweet to hear about!
    Hi mrtramplefantasy
    The story I posted is not from me...! I wrote that in the introduction. So I am not the right one to address with story requests. The story had been posted on which no longer exists, so I have no idea who the story writer is.
    Hey mtf! Just wanted to say, I was going to have Stephanie do some the session in the hotel gym. She wanted to try either laying me on a bench and sit on me while she did shoulder presses or just set the barbell on her lap and then add weight to it until I tapped out or passed out! Perhaps you could try that? I couldn't after my sternum broke! Let me know what you think!
    That sucks....I always have to be extra nice to the owners and maybe bring them a little or whatever..
    When I first started out this would happen to me alot no it doesn't too much cause these days they maybe heard about me before...

    DAMN!!!! this sucks.....The Lesbian Halloween event sota sucked..these girls loked at me took pics and went on for a sec or so..BUT my last Rave laying in that doorway again..ROCKED,,,,Mega Mega busy!!!!!!!
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