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  • Anyway I'm starting to sound like the pathetic loser that I am. Once again thank you for waking me up and being painfully honest with me. I won't do anything to ruin my relation wth her. I'll try to get stepped on some other way. And I envy
    Any man lucky enough to be stepped on by you!
    The only reason I even thought of her to begin with is because I have run out of ideas, and she seemed available. I read about guys getting stepped on all the time and they sound like they get stepped on as much as they like. I get so bummed thinking to myself about these guys finding girls and even girlfriends that step on them with a smile on their face and I ask myself, why not me or what's wrong with me?
    Thank you for taking the time to write a long and brutal post directed to me. You are one of two women that posted on my thread and your two post have hit me the hardest. I love my niece and I would never do anything to hurt her. I'm so desperate that I thought that only I would be hurt if caught or rejected. I stupidly never thought of her, a woman that I love.
    Hi Ms Sweet. I can’t believe that you’re posting here. I remember watching your clips probably 15 years ago when John, Rudy, and Daddo were still blazing the trail for us, and wishing it was me under your feet. It’s a pleasure to be able to chat with a legend.
    Ms. Sweet
    Ms. Sweet
    awww well thank you! I have been around here on the forum for quite awhile, on and off. I love talking to all you guys!
    Oh ok thats cool. I was wondering I really would like to meet you one day. It would be a dream come true. Not sure if you close to me or not. But would be great. Thanks much
    hey suzuki, thanks! I'm here, and there, ya know. I come and go.....I don't have my yahoo messenger installed anymore hun.
    Hello Ms, Sweet so glad to see your back. You trually are the best with trampling and cock crush. Was wondering if you can chat via, yahoo IM. Thanks so much, George
    Sounds good... When you get back on fetlife, my name there is Footman_1971...
    Would it be ok if I ask you some questions regarding a foot domination fantasy I have?
    Good morning Mistress Sweet, I was wondering if you by any chance had any plans on coming back to fetlife? If so, please friend me over there and I will gladly accept... I would've PM'd you with this, but am unable to do so at this time...

    Please let me know ok?
    hey there my names James (21) and i have the biggest favor in the world to ask you. Im joining a fraternity and as my pledge task, i have to get trampled by a women from ages 30+ and have to get trampled for a total of 30 hours. I dont know much about the whole trample scene but have noticed that your a chicago women who actually tramples, Since all Chicago women for some reason wont trample. The only ones that have replied are from NY or Cali, basically everywhere else other than Chicago LOL. If you could help this would mean the world to me. I dont have all the money in the world to offer, but in return Id be more than happy to be ur servent or footboy, ill clean your home, shoes, be ur foot stool. pamper you and ur feet. And il do so untill u believe i have repaid you.

    Please Please Please help me out if possible.
    Hello Ms Sweet just love you sweet and sexy store very nice. Tons of CBT. I just realized you from the midwest. So am I, well Chicago that is. Do you do the cocKbox CBT with fans from your site. I would really like to shoot some with you. My wife is starting to do some with me, but meeting you is like a dream come true. Thanks so much George
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