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  • Hello hows your life?
    Any new movies with crushing ??
    There is some while i didnt get any news from you
    Some time ago, i said about a movie scene in which a woman, stomps a baby chtulu to death... my post deleted by Admino and admino and bfrug told me that the OLD GOD Chtlulu from the lovecraft mythology was an animal..........so i broke the rules then...anyway, it was a long time ago and i dont realy care...but in the movies i told you about yesterday, in "turbo kid" i am afraid because of the age and in the other movie's
    trailer i dont know who or what she is stomping..maybe a person but maybe an animal..thats why, i advise you, if you find the clips dont post them in the forum.keep them to yourself.
    Thanks Panostsakas,

    But who says that you break the rules?? Have a moderator said it?
    You know many members just complain about everything ,no matter what you post.Some have criticized me because some of my posts are not full weight trampling,others criticize me because the scene is too short and so on.Never mind about these people,there are many others who appreciate your contributions and I am sure that the moderators also appreciate the contributors not the critical members.

    Kind Regards
    epeidi eisai gata sto pchaximo yparxei mia seira palia sti tv o magos 70s me ena kalo patima sto laimo apo mia gomena ston protagonisrti kai mia alli tainia kineziki me mia pou pataei to heri enos me to takouni ayto to eixane sikosi kapote sto youtube alla to katevasan an mporeseis na breis kati???thanks
    Hi panostsakas! Are you italian?
    I want to tell you that on youku.com i have created an account and i was able to add some friends so i can see some locked videos now. You must make the request and then on the home page of you.ku on the right you can see in a small square the number of answers, so you have to click on the number and with google translate you can see if the answer is positive or negative. If you had already discovered this, i want to know if you understood how is possible to see the locked videos of this account: http://u.youku.com/user_show/id_UMjUxNTk4OTEy.html
    because the procedure is different and in the message board in the end of the page are described the various steps to follow, but with google translate is still difficult to undestand them.
    I hope that i explained.
    Greetings. ;)
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