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  • Love your work since years and years :)
    And if I'll get ever the chance to be a human doormat like you it'll be fullfilling my dream
    Maybe you could help me!? :) fussabstreifer(at)

    Czy masz w planach jakiś event w ostatni weekend listopada?
    Ewentualnie czy jest szansa na spotkanie w małym gronie i bycie podeptanym?
    Hi Peterek,
    Love your work. Was wondering would it be possible for me to come to Poland to be rolled up in the carpet in the club?
    Are you going to do any updates in your clipstores been a fan of yours from the start your work in your clip stores are exciting that you have shown all of types you do,I miss Aga she was my favorites,so thank for the candid,crush,trampling,voyer vids over the years,thank you and always have a wonderful day
    Hey love the cable walking..Thats what I do when I do street carpeting I lay in a big mat by a construction site and I get trampled for 12 hours or so..The only problem is I cant move an inch and I cant just have all women..But where I go in the east village more women seem to be walikng around..

    I wanna try one day to have someone take pics and videos of me doing this..I love it..Great vids..:)
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