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  • Yes I’m sorry about that. I’ve had to apologize to a few because of some overzealous fans since my Owner has closed her store. I thought time off of here would stop it. Please except my request for forgiveness on their part.
    Let me know if you and Jason are free one night to light one up and go to dinner.
    LookingUp (slave brian to Princess Perfect.)
    wanted to say to you that I learned of you on this site and your photo dictated that I make a visit to your clip store where I received a real blessing on your video "Harlot_and_holy_man". I mean, what a clip! Incredible! While your words and tone as he left your home said much about the reality of the results of his visit, I'd hope to see it even more emphatic by having him do what it really wanted to at that point, to kneel before you. Perhaps you will let us see what happens when it does call, which turns out to be several times per day and you have to make him pay and address you as his new God(dess).
    PSarah the Goddess I would give you anything you asked for if you would allow me the honor of being your pathetic bitch. I wiuld love to worship your BEAUTIFUL BuM and help ypu make your clips I hope you can talk to me on here or my email is
    P Sarah. It's You! THE Italian Princess Sarah Diavola! You are to die for. Have many of Your clips. So happy to see You here. Worship---worship---face to floor...
    i get so desperate sometimes, princess, for humiliation i humiliate myself, i just stuck my toothbrush up my anal then brushed my teeth using it.
    Hi Princess Sarah!
    i didn't get any notification You had responded to my post, i'm sorry... i guess this site does not flag responses to the sender so i will check back more frequently. i am a fan of Yours and have some of Your clips which are definitely my favorites!
    Thank You
    Hey Goddess Sarah how are you? Do you offer real time sessions or are you in need of slaves for video clips?
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