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  • Hey mate, I know your one of sitters loyal fans as am I.
    I love her work..! Best work ever.
    I have a few clips you asked about some time ago.

    Let me know if you'd like em. I'm looking for the best of sitter volume 7.
    please let me know if you ever get your hands on it!
    Hey I just saw your reply to my thread I made like a year ago about DayZ lol. You planning on getting the standalone?
    I like what your signature says "We walk in the light to learn wisdom, we tread in the shadows to test it." ;)
    Hey Rennoch, just checked my messages today, been here a couple of years and didn't notice the notification feature so sorry for the delay, just wanted to thank you for the kind words and passing along the website to your friend. Yes, sales, that is the thing. Personally I think I will be okay in a few years, just a long slow process for me. Hope this finds you well.
    hey Rennoch, this is my website, feel free to pas sit along to any one you want. Also, even though it's not always what one wants to hear, I prefer honest opinions on what I do if you so desire.
    Enjoyed our exchanges by the way.
    Sorry, I've been so busy lately I haven't really been on.

    My email is The dumbfiles site and email has been down for 3 years I think. LOL
    What about Rob Zombie? You like his works? (house of a 1000 corpses, devils rejects, ie). He just completed another Halloween remake. I loved the job he did on the first one. He's one of the few directors I have great respect for when it comes to modern day horror, or touching classics without butchering them.

    I was 4 years old when I seen my first horror movie, it was friday the 13th, part 4 if i'm not mistaken. That series along with Nightmare on Elm street was by far my favorites of the 80's, along with Halloween of course and tales from the cryptkeeper! The 80's was definitely the glory years of horror movies. So many good memories :)
    oh, I believe that was for the hellraiser VNV Nation remix song in the "what are you listening to now" thread. You made a comment regarding the old hellraiser movies :)
    Glad you enjoyed it. Nothing beats the old horror movies of the 80's. Nightmare on Elm street, Hellraiser, Friday the 13th, Halloween, etc
    Hi Rennoch i found this on the New York Times it is a column by Maureen Dowd entitled "Are We Rome ? Tu Betchus." What is interesting about the column was a point she made about soaring enrollment in Latin Classes in New York, and her take on why the the Republicans are not "Veni, Vedi, Vici-ing" in what she calls the Battle Of Gall and it is done in Latin, so you will find it interesting.

    Bellum Gallium

    Manes Julii Caesaris paucis diebus aderant — “O, most bloody sight!” — cum Ioannes McCainus, mavericus et veteranus captivusque Belli Francoindosinini, et Sara Palina, barracuda borealis, qui sneerare amant Baracum Obamam causa oratorii, pillorant ut demagogi veri, Africanum-Americanum senatorem Terrae Lincolni, ad Republicanas rallias.

    Rabidi subcanes candidati, pretendant “no orator as Brutis is,” ut “stir men’s blood” et disturbant mentes populi ad “a sudden flood of mutiny,” ut Wilhelmus Shakespearus scripsit.

    Cum Quirites Americani ad rallias Republicanas audiunt nomen Baraci Husseini Obamae, clamant “Mortem!” “Amator terroris!” “Socialiste!” “Bomba Obamam!” “Obama est Arabus!” “Caput excidi!” tempus sit rabble-rouseribus desistere “Smear Talk Express,” ut Stephanus Colbertus dixit. Obama demonatus est tamquam Musulmanus-Manchurianus candidatus — civis “collo-cerviciliaris” ad ralliam Floridianam Palinae exhabet mascum Obamae ut Luciferis.

    Obama non queretur high-tech lynching. Sed secreto-serventes agentes nervosissmi sunt.

    Vix quisque audivit nomen “Palinae” ante lunibus paucis. Surgivit ex suo tanning bed ad silvas in Terram Eskimorum, rogans quis sit traitorosus, ominosus, scurrilosus, periculosus amator LXs terroris criminalisque Chicagoani? Tu betchus!

    “Caeca ambitio Obamana,” novum rumorem Palina McCainusque dixit. “Cum utilis, Obama laborat cum amatore terroris Wilhelmo Ayro. Cum putatus, perjuravit.” McCainianus bossus maximus Francus Keatinx vocat Obamam, “plebeium,” et ut iuvenum snifferendum cocaini minimi (“a little blow.”)

    Cum Primus Dudus, spousus Palinanus, culpari attemptaret “Centurionem-Gate,” judices Terrae Santae Elvorumque castigat gubernatricem Palinam de abusu auctoritatis per familiam revengendum.

    Tamen Sara et Ioannes bury Obama, not praise him. Maverici, ut capiunt auxilium de friga-domina, hench-femina, Cynthia McCaina Birrabaronessa, (quae culpat Obamam periculandi suum filum in Babylonia), brazen-iter distractant mentes populares de minimissimis IV 0 I K.ibus, deminutione “Motorum Omnium,” et Depressione Magna II.0. Omnes de Georgio Busio Secundo colossale goofballo. “V” (because there’s no W. in Latin) etiam duxit per disastrum ad gymnasium.

    Gubernatrix (prope Russia) Palina, spectans candidaciam MMXII, post multam educationem cum Kissingro et post multam parodiam de Sabbatis Nocte Vivo atque de Tina Feia, ferociter vituperat Obamam, ut supralupocidit (aerial shooting of wolves) in Hyperborea.

    Vilmingtoni, in Ohionem, McCain’s Mean Girl (Ferox Puella) defendit se gladiatricem politicam esse: “Pauci dicant, O Jupiter, te negativam esse. Non, negativa non sum, sed verissima.” Talk about lipsticka in porcam! Quasi Leeus Atwater de oppugnatione Busii Primi ad Dukakem: “non negativus, sed comparativus.”

    I did not send the link because you have to have an online subscription to read it, and i am not sure if you do so that is why i have used the cut and paste method.

    Alter ipse amicus
    I just posted something about that in the thread, you might call youthful prankishness which my mother made me pay dearly for.
    Hi Rennoch do you by chance have a link to members of mensa that are incarcerated i am very interested. Just some info that you may find interesting, we did a survey among a sample of male prisoners in Jamaica and it was discovered that their IQs were above the average Jamaican IQ which was estimated to be 72.
    BTW could you please tell me how do they establish an IQ average for a country?
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