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  • Hello Jack,
    i´ve bought an 3 days Sit and Smother Pass about an half a hour ago. Unfortnuately my Login doesn´t work... Does it need some time to activate my account ? Or do i usually have access, instantly ?

    & Greetz =)
    Hello Jack!

    I'm flying into London on 11/8, but I'll be in and around Norwich through the 15th. Do you think she'd still be available?

    P.S. what day does the SAS website get updated? I was happy to see Loz back in action last week ;)
    Hi, SAS_Jack! There are some issues with joining to SAS, because Cbill reject cards from Asia. There is any other ways to get an account?
    Not much anymore. The site is being run by Holly now. (

    I haven't been able to manage the site for a while myself due to my day job. Apparently "I need more time for my side projects" means "Promote me until I'm buried in paperwork" to my employers. :/
    Hi Jack, I just bought a clip from your store on fetishCOD but I believe it is DRM encrypted and it won't open on my mac, can you help?
    Hey Jack,

    I'm a member of your site and love the content, it's fantastic! I do have a request tho if possible. In '09 you have a couple of interview you did with Lina and Loz. I think these are excellent, and I'd love to see interview with all the ladies you have on the site. What they like about facesitting and their favourite things to do etc.

    Would be great to see the ladies talking about our wonderful fetish!

    Thanks mate, keep up the good work.
    Hey jack you ok, how are you, missing me I hope?? was wondering if you thinking of using me again any time soon, i missed you hee hee xx also could you post a few pics on my threaad please I find it help for my private sessions, thank you xxx lots of loveeeeeee xxxxxx
    I am extremely interested in shooting scenes with your site which I will do for free. I really have no limits as to what I won't do.. in other words I have no "hard limits." If you have any specific questions please ask me :) I have no medical concerns and I can work unmasked. I'm 24..good looking..and in shape. I want to get into the industry so this would be perfect to get a work sample going. I am a sub and an obedient and well behaved slave and I do what I'm told. I can send you pictures including nudes if you are interested. Hope to hear from you soon. My email is
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