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  • Dear Sauur,
    I like your Tyra Banks stories - where've they gone?
    Tyra Banks? Never did a story like that.
    Oh... wasn't your story ... shame over me.
    Nevertheless, I like your stories like the sultan.
    Sorry for my mistake
    Hello Sauur!

    I am trying to find one of your old stories, F/F Wheels? The post seems to have been removed, I would love to read it again?
    Sorry I don't save the stories I've read. Almost everything is still out there on the web though.
    Hi Sauur
    You are obviously member of this board since quite a time and I read some of you older comments where you said that a lot of the old good stories are gone.
    I'm looking for facesitting death stories by wife, assassins or other. I collected them all from this and other pages but can't find good new ones.
    Hence my question for a big favour - do you have a private collection of older stories which are not in this forum anymore or something from dark rider and would like to share with me?
    I could send you my collection as well in case you are interested


    Thanks a lot
    Hi there :) Thanks for your kind words and patience. The next chapter of Mary & Sandy is up now!
    I think I saw them. Thanks though. Yeah this forum is cool but its a little uptight about some stuff.
    hey i got a pdf, 3 different pdfs all related to court case involving a woman actually facersitting to death another one, and could email them to u. everytime i make a thread about it, it gets deleted.
    Hey Sauur my friend.....thanks so much for your nice remarks. Im just gonna let it sit there for awhile and bask in the glow of a reply from Sauur, who so many know for your talents

    Im actually trying to gear up to writing my next story soon. But life is wonderfully being taken up with many real time kinkish experiences.

    But you know what i mean when i say that writing is a passion that will never stop

    Hopefully do some interractive shit together this winter

    Hey man. Ive got the next addition ready to post for Joe Bond. But then I noticed the story has an E rating. So i'm a little nervous about posting because there is mention of Lucy forcing him to drink her piss. Will this be okay to post?
    Oooh that Jesters a mean little cunt! Good job! A good team indeed. Trouble is...I just went there and my username has been deleted and my posts are listed as being by a non existant author. WTF? I've only been there 3 days. Couldnta pissed em off this soon. And it seemed like such a nice homey spot...will investigate
    Jesters arrived. Except i think i got her confused with the joker. Ha! But she's a twisted bitch no matter what! Hope you enjoy.
    Writers,com is a great site. Potentially very interactive and a very interesting layout. Also writers resources and critiques.
    Was approached by today, interested in publishing and selling My New Girlfriends' Rules. Once its long enough. 45% royalty for exclusive rights and 30% for non exclusive. Ever heard of them?
    Hey dude. Just read your addition on Very nice. Very wicked. Very painful! God help him when Jester shows up! Will try another addition sap.
    Well lordy lordy. Just punched out an extension of Hawkman on, off of your last post. Which i enjoyed btw. I like the quick, short format. What a welcome diversion from the semi writers block i've been feeling. A refreshing change. Cobweb blowing. Thanks for the suggestion. And i'm sure you'll bear in mind that it was written right off the cuff. Hope you enjoy and extend it.....
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