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  • et une en francais, un ex détenu engagé dans une firme comme personnel d'entretien ménager ( concierge )
    A story where a guy calls Brittany Snow, Hayden Panettiere, Ashley Benson, Ashley Tisdale and Hilary Duff a bunched of washed up old hags and they aren't good at acting anymore. They get wind of this and torture him with smelly feet. Then at the end they pass him on to a ne group of young blones who are even more sadistic at torturing guys whit their feet. the new group is Olivia Holt, Peyton List, Chloe Moretz, Emily Osment, and Emma Watson
    Just a question/request for the shoe salesman story. And chance they could throw a huge party for female celebs such as mila kunis Hayden panettiere and jennifer Lawrence amongst others. All of them degrading him at once would be amazing!
    Hello. I really hope you didn't end the shoe salesman story. I live your writing and would love to see how it ends!
    i started the story, the first chapter is a shoe salemans nightmare, i will add 2 other chapter that wont have any shrinking in it, then, the other chapters, 4 and up, would be posted in the giantess section.
    i would love to see a story where Hilary Duff, Brittany Snow, Ashley Tisdale, Sophia Bush, Brenda Song, and Vanessa Hudgens torture a guy with their stinky feet. It starts out with Hilary Shrinks a man because he was rude to her, and takes her back to everybody. They make him eat their toe jam, try to drown him in their foot sweat, and leave him buried under a months worth of well worn smelly socks. I'd appreciate it! Thanks!
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