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  • Hello SGT grit I am sorry if my comment sounded mean, forgive me please. I am not that way, just got a little hot thinking anyone would suggest that I have used someone else work as my own. I am a pro photographer and dought that someone else is going to duplicate my work exact. I honestly did think one can say or advertise anything on the disscution forum. Again sorry man. I am retired Marine Corps and take it with your handle here you are military also.
    Okay,clear. I will contact them. Maybe trough the mail or if not trough the site in the special forum. Btw i added you to "friends" status.

    Custom requests are between producer and requester. I don't get involved in those. But they will respond. Most producers love doing custom requests.
    I am sorry to hear about that. I run a clipstore and a website for more than five years myself but I either earn money with it. The sales make new productions possible every now and then...but I need to work 9-5 to earn my rent ...

    What about your stuff? Thinking about to sell it?
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