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  • Hey You..... Im actually gettin geared up for a new story... why?..... because there is a new cyber Mistress that like my writings and wants more.......always follow your dick, I say ~chuckle~
    Hey friend... how are you? miss you writing..ive not been writing much but miss your work which helps me develop mine
    hey, huge fan of your stories, just got this account set up recently, looking foward to talking with you and reading your work.
    sry sry sry

    siciait, you are the first here who ever wrote a message to me ... and i didnt recognize this until just now.

    i remember your poll and to answer your question, i would push until it comes out of his nose, i wount kill him.

    vive la france, sb
    Thank you for the Birthday wish! It doesn't matter that it's late. It still holds the same meaning. You have been respectful of me since the beginning :) I have been very busy over the past year, and it hasn't slowed down any. When I get the chance my dear SiCiAiT I will read over your stories. :)
    i havent forgotten part 2 of your story, i loed what you wrote
    i actually had it all writetn out but i didnt save it to draft so felt deflated :o/

    anyways i will do part 2 for you and make it extra meaty :o)
    I meant that on Writing.com you say in your bio "(was not suppose to be part two)" about A Bad Dream part 2, and that's also the way it felt like a little (like it was another story but then changed to fit in as a sequel to A Bad Dream Became the Worst). I'm defintely not saying it wasn't good, it was, just that it didn't really feel like a sequel. But don't worry, I won't write my own sequel if you don't want me to.

    Are you planning to write anything new in the near future? It's been a while!
    Hey, since the sequel to A Bad Dream Became the Worst wasn't really meant to be a sequel and I just finished my own story I was wondering if you would mind if I tried to write my own sequel to A Bad Dream Became the Worst? Won't do it if you'd rather have I didn't, of course.
    I saw Sally went to the girl and began talking to her.
    They stepped aside and turn immediately closed up.
    They talked for a minute and I started to get nervous, but Girl laughed, shook her head and went back. I saw as she began to argue and be pushed with other girls, but have then gone to the turn end.Seeing Sally coming back alone,
    I already rejoiced a victory in a bet.
    But the girl has called to Sally and began to catch up with her.
    Well, choose you? Sally asked.
    Yes, number three.
    Sally looked at the line and saw a beautiful long-legged girl in tight jeans.
    Are you sure? laughed Sally.
    Yes, what's the problem? I'm giving you a head start, I smiled.
    You said that you can convince any girl.
    Yeah, but you look at the length of the turn.
    The girl is most certainly worth it for half an hour.
    Look, she hops. I think she would be happy to accept.
    It's just your imagination, I replied. So you lost a bet?
    You better think about the consequences of my winning, Sally grunted and went in the direction of turn.
    Hello Friend!
    I'm just starting to understand in times of verbs in English
    This is not always successful
    I hope you will understand that I wrote

    me: Well, let's make a bet.
    Hardly is there, unfamiliar girl will shit to anyone in the mouth.
    Sally: I can persuade any, Sally said,
    Will You argue, Sally held out her hand
    me: Well, we make a bet. But if a girl agree she should tell me that she was ready to shit in my mouth.
    Sally: And you let her this? laughed Sally.
    Me: No! I'm not crazy! Where we will look for the girl? I asked.
    Sally: Well, I heard that a friend of Molly will have today a great bachelorette party. Molly even said that they had brought a portable toilet.

    When we drove to the house, We saw the line of the girls standing to the toilet in the garden
    After I read your story, I was chatting in a chat with Domina.
    I sent her a part of your story, and asked her if she could do this to me?
    She replied that she would do this to me and named the price.
    I jokingly agreed.
    Then she demanded:
    Payment in advance.
    This should take place in the deaf location away from people.
    I have to dig a hole.
    After that, she removed all chat messages. I was horny a few days and sent her messages, but she did not answer.
    recently I received an anonymous message:
    "I am ready to use you.
    You should come alone into the .... (she named place).
    Bring the money.
    You need to bring your computer.
    I think we need a rope.
    I will not respond to your message."
    I was shocked, but after 10 minutes she sent another message: "Do you still masturbate? :) :) :)"
    Hi hon,

    I have a question: I was looking on Whiteshadow's site and all the links to Wimphub's stories are 404.

    Can you help me out?


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