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  • Thanks for the request sidewalk! Unfortunately we don't do customs. If ever I do customs I'll be sure to announce it on twitter. Best regards,
    Hi sidewalk,

    I reached out to sleepyone the other day as I'm in the same boat; I didn't know of Princess Perfect until her clips4sale store closed and would really like some of her clips.

    Sleepyone shared a link w/ the videos' descriptions but obviously I want the entire clips.

    I'm also interested in buying clips. Thanks.
    Thank you so much, any help is appreciated. And yeah I can see why and would totally understand if she refused. im just sad that I was too late and that a couple of lame asses ruined it for the rest of us.
    Hey sidewalk, would you happenn to have any Princess Perfect vids I could probably buy off ya? Not so suree lookingup is gonna reply anytime soon.
    Hey man thanks, but I think I got her email already, its her yahoo prncessprfct91 email i also emailed another email im not sure if it belongs to miss panic or lookingup, but i also contacted lookingup on his main profile since i couldnt find an email for him.
    Oh great well he knows how to get hold of me! Fetcon is pretty crazy for me. So hopefully I'll see him!
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