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  • Hey Sloth,

    I'm not sure if you remember chatting with me before or not. I was wondering if you would be interested in sharing experiences, videos, and pictures again.

    Please let me know if your interested.

    It would be great to chat to you. Sorry it took so long to reply. I use my phone to browse and never noticed that i had a message. I love it when a woman sits fullweight. And i dont mind what she is wearing. Altough i do prefer leggings. But it always has to be full weight. I love butt drpps to the face too.
    Thank you for the add. Yes would really like to share and hear about your experiences too. All the discussion is good discussion. :)
    Hey thank you kindly for the feedback! You're a lucky guy to have been smothered in those shorts. Would love to hear about it if you're up to it! I've been slacking big time on the updates (lazy summer) but I'll be sure to get one up tonight for you. Thanks again! Hope to see you around the boards.
    Hey sloth, thanks for the friend request. No i dont have yahoo chat but i would still love to hear your stories and see your pictures. So if you want to send me anything my email is iamallin1985@yahoo.com. I dont have any pictures but i would be happy to share my experiences with you. Glad to hear were interested in the same thing
    Yes my girl and I would be willing to share with yall. my e-mail is saxxman86@yahoo.com I can also e-mail yu later if yu like as well
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