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  • Hey Slvesal. Wanted to pm you personally, to thank you for picking up the helm of the new scat sub-forum. There were a few semi-interested memberes that stepped forth. But if it wasnt for your previous experience, and your kind offer to offer your service to the community, then we would not be looking at this new forum today! Thanks again, and smooth sailing! Bs
    Hi Slvesal. I really appreciate your comments. I'm a bit in shock about this decision, and will respond at some point. These forums are the only places for wonderful twisted people like us, to share our thoughts and ideas. I still think we are in an era of more acceptance of bdsm. But there's still bound to be some hiccups along the way. I am trying to avoid feeling some kind of guilt about the fact that i was one of the recent purveyors of scat writings. TG #8 was almost set to publish here.Bit of a shock to see ALL my stories deleted. But, i'm not going to stop writing here. So i am already thinking of some good old fashioned facesitting stories. Gee, maybe i can subscribe to some kind of fame over the fact that i was the last scat writer on MDFF to finally make someone throwup enough to cancel the category! :) Thanks for taking the time, as so few do, to voice your opinion. Maybe a new TS section is next?
    Avast ye maties! New shores ahead!
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