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  • We have about same taste, i follow your posts since longtime time.
    Lately there isn't very good store, some i got from are
    Palace F Productions, savage soles, magic moon, mistress barbie& gilda, sado sister bdsm (italian), foot world & ruthless trampling and many others and older. Bad side of these store is that girls are often masked and sometime not beautiful but the trample action are good.
    I even contacted him in fetlife but he said he doesn't have them anymore and all what is available are the his old dvd.
    So my last ressort is to contact others Tread's admirers to try to buy or trade some videos, i know you and an other one member which i could not remember his nick but he had a good trample store called trample research in which i purchassed many clips.
    Hey Solebro, i desperately search for Treadtrample video.
    I looked everywhere, i could only purchace all his videos available in toekissstudio an tramplelovers in c4s but those are olders. but almost nothing from treadtrample. As a big fan since the time i was a student i could not get his videos, but once i started to work it was too late he deleted everything and annonced it in the board.
    Hi solebro, I am looking for KasFloorman's videos with September, I have only couples videos of her and unfortunately, when I talked the KasFloorman for the videos, he told me that he lost all because of hard disk failure. What I realize that I saw your comments on his works back in 2008, so if you have any videos of September, I would like to see them dearly, and I don't want to waste your time so I'll be delighted if you allow me to pay back somehow. My email is

    Hey man, we just made a barefoot clip you might like to see. 9 minutes of nonstop face standing by Mistress Kandy wearing only sheer nylons on her barefeet. Not on the net yet but just letting you know.
    I noticed a clip on Ms Bijou's clips site of her showing off her bare feet and soles by sensuously walking on a glass table. The camera showing nice close up views of her bare soles and heels pressing into the glass top. The clip is entitled "Life as my Doormat". Now if only she would trample someone's gut like that… :o)
    Hey, I had a GREAT trample by a new dom with 220 pounds of experience behind her. And I don't mean fat. I mean a beautiful big woman. BB@W I guess. She's a beauty. And she loved it so much she wants me back (and I don't mean $). She is using one of the pictures in her ad now. Wow.
    Got it. Thanks my friend.

    BTW, I would still love see Bijou trample you barefoot the way she does in heels. Not to mention Jasmin! LOL
    Just thought I'd update you on my new email, see the next (old editted) message below.
    I do recall the dom you mentioned to me once before. I also recall the dialogue we had with Ms. Yuliya begging her to do the harsh barefoot with me which never happened. Anyway, my email is All the best!
    Hi there, I love finding guys that are into adoring womens feet. I'm located in the states also. I'm a very honest and dependable girl that you can contact if you would like to buy any socks or pantyhose from. I'm a sub at schools and also mentor children. You can reach me at my email xoxo
    I only come up for the Saturday parties. My next trip up will probably be later in August or perhaps September. John would tell you I love being trampled. So I hope you're in a stomping mood when we finally meet!
    I will be at John's Foot Party on Thursday, Aug. 11th actually! Would love to meet you there. I also have trips planned through the D.C. and Virginia areas this month!
    You might enjoy these two barefoot clips found at

    Multipurpose Carpet - Part Two
    Mistress Bijou and Goddess Therapy jump on their slave and delight in standing on his face, and balancing on the balls of their feet to his various body parts to give him as much pain as possible.

    Price: $4.99 USD
    Length: 4 minutes

    Multipurpose Carpet - Part One
    Mistress Bijou and Goddess Therapy really enjoy various balancing acts on the slave. They especially like standing on his most painful areas and then lifting up and balancing on one leg so that all the weight is on the ball of one foot on his most painful parts. Then to really finish him off, they doing flying leaps to crush him into the ground.

    Price: $5.99 USD
    Length: 5 minutes
    soon my barefeet will be but to good use on my fucktard pigdog....and maybe even crush a birhtday cake would you like to eat yummy birhtday cake off the bottom of my feet...i can't hear you!!!
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