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  • man I can't get over that thread. Do you know if in our lifetime decades from now we would get to interact and all that with those sexy giantesses?
    I am specifically referring to the photo you posted on 01/13/11 depicting several lovely young blonde women standing in the back of a black pickup truck with a slightly older blonde driving it over a man from feet to chest with the front tire.
    Some of my favorite photos of yours are when you had multiple ladies standing in the back of a pickup truck while a man lies crush to the waist under the tire. Any way to make one more like this?
    Hah, I don't live in LA unfortunately, but still, if you swing by South California, maybe we can get some coffee, though I'm afraid we'd be too busy with something else to practice. Hah.
    I'm now discovering that others share the same fetish and I'm still trying to get use to this that's why I haven't posted much... Yes it is a thrilling fantasy I'm just glad there's a place like this for men like us.
    hi dont know if you remeber me but im a huge fan of your work ( tall women trampling min men) you also helped me with a story about two years back, about a bunch of hooters trampling a guy. i was woundering if you had any pics of like military women trampling whith thier boots and uniforms
    Hi Squeezeflat
    Could you make a mini man crush from a pitcure a Alica Keyes red carpet photo from 2012 Grammys?
    Oh I have been having lots of fun! I have tried a few different things this weekend. I might even suggest the truck idea to my bf, lol! Just to see his reaction! It's so fun!
    It would be great to see pics of that. Send em to tallandheavy@hotmail.com I remember looking at my friend's pictures and even a video of Stephanie standing on a guy. I was kinda grossed out. I came back to it though. Tried it on my bf a few times. I know he'd pass out I under 10 minutes from me standing on his chest. If I sit, he can go about 20 before he starts getting that look. I would live to just sit there and watch his mouth opening and closing with no sound coming out. his eyes rolling backward. His neck muscles straining. I wish I knew if it would be okay. Even so it's fun to sit on his face and feel his hands under my butt trying so hard to lift me off!
    He doesn't like it but he wants to be with me so,...
    He doesn't like the idea of me running off with that other guy, haha! I would love to see a car on you! I can handle Steph on my lap but only for the facesit. For the chest sitting I want to be able to see his full reaction! I love chest squashing! I wonder if we could make him pass out? lol!
    It's quite a thrill to watch my bf struggle under there. It's a power high. He doesn't like it. maybe thats why it's such a thrill for me. He's done a few things lately that he feels bad for so I have used these to my advantage. He knows I want to dominate him along with another woman. He doesn't know Stephanie though. If he knew, he'd be too scared. I'm a bit afraid for him myself. She's almost 300! She sounds like she wants to do it anyway so I think it will be great. So you actually had a car parked on you? Wow! That's amazing! I want to have her sitting on his chest and then sit on her lap and film his reaction. He tells me in too heavy so I wonder what he will think when we sit on him together. She says she doesn't do facesitting but maybe she would consider sitting on my lap. He doesn't like it much either. I never would have thought of it if doug hadn't mentioned it. His wife does it all the time and I tried it on him when he was under those tiles. It was awesome!
    Ya it will be a lot of fun if she comes. No, we aren;t in the same place. I wanted her to come for 2 days. My bf won't be able to handle us oth for very long because he has a lot of trouble with just me. He has no idea how big she is. It will be hilarious. I didn't know she was that heavy either. The second day will be for my friend. I don't think I could run over anyone. I'm not into murder. You're right about teasing though, lol!
    Not much lately. He's still having a pretty tough time. I haven't got any news from stephanie other than she is interested in doing a session in the fall. I don't know if doug will go for it. I asked her to contact him. He will listen to her. I love the idea of slowly crushing him. It would be so fun to be on top of him with a woman her size. I told her we should do my bf too. It should be fun cause he can't even stand me on him for a few minutes. She agreed that it will be fun! Lol!
    So you have two men to dominate... ;) That's fine. I hope they don't get jealous about each other...! Thanks for the stats. For me it's really exciting to know about sizes and weights and I love to be at the mercy of much taller and heavier ladies who use all their bodyweight to squash me. I hope you have a lot of fun together! What a pity I'm not the one under you! Would be curious if it's really that difficult to take your weight...
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