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  • How was your killer chili crab? I've missed seeing your posts on the forum. Nice to see you back!! How was your adventure? Or are you back yet??
    Chili crab? OMG!! I want one! Think of me when you're munchin away. I've haven't tried a chili

    Enjoy your flight! I will miss seeing your replies :)

    Well, thank you for awesome conversation, and like I said, drop an email my way if you'd like. Tell me about your trip, and that killer chili crab!!! ;)
    Drop me an email sometime....
    I thinks you is an interesting feller....LOL
    May I be curious to ask, what you're going to be doing over there?
    The furthest that I have travelled in my adult life has been my recent trip to Ottawa to see FleetWood Mac...
    It takes much courage to talk about these sensitive issues. I applaud every post and effort you put forward in this forum. It means a lot to many here. For this I thank you.
    Hello stepoverme58.

    I have responded to your post in the thread 'Margaret Thatcher – A kindred spirit'.

    Are we about to have our first lover’s tiff, stepoverme58?

    Someone once said ‘The test of a man or woman’s breeding is how they behave in a quarrel’ so despite your disagreement with me, my utmost regard for you remains.

    Miss Belladonnah.
    I appreciate your dry, sarcastic and witty contributions to The Flame Pit. You made me smile today!

    Thank you :)
    Hello stepoverme58!

    How are you?

    I wanted to let you know that I have enjoyed reading your often insightful posts and valued your contribution in The Flame Pit.

    Believe it or not, there have been many well debated topics in there.

    The guys in there are often bitchy with new contributors but once established, things change because by then you will have built some bonds as they get to know you.

    The Flame Pit should NEVER be taken too seriously; after all contributors are faceless posters who bring what they want - whether it be themselves or what they want to be - to The Flame Pit.


    Miss Belladonnah.
    Ciao Step vedo che hai come immagine del profilo un'immagine di VK che sto cercando. Io ho mote immagini da scambiare, se ti interessa rispondimi alla mia mail

    Hi Stepoverme58,
    If you go to my profile page, there is an answer to your message. I hope you will have the time of your life!
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