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  • Stryder, I have a question for you tht I hope you can answer.

    I have started being filmed by many girls trampling me very hard in high heels all over my torso.

    Do you have any recommendations for xiphoid process safety?

    I am always very snesitve for a week sometimes two after being trampled in high heels on the chest.

    Im a little nervous I'll have a serious injury when a girl digs her heeltip into my xiphoid.

    I have seen your name a lot and I would love to use my spike heels on you sometime. I think you would be the ultimate tramplee :)
    I would luv to get a clip from you.
    CBT is fine with me.
    Address is:

    Hey Buddy, just wanted to drop by and say hi. I see that people are teaming us up again. Lol .. Funny how they do that but then again I see that it would be fun.
    I hope your doing well and I'm glad to hear a smile in your writing. We really are blessed with the serving we're able to do with some amazing women.
    hello friends ... I invite fetishism month to month that you look my work ... I hope you enjoy it and let your comments ... a big hug ... thank you very much.



    How goes life down under in the not-so-under-The-Princess-way? :) I need to seriously injure someone to get some aggression out...I hurt a friend of Mine the other day on purpose & won't apologize, but I admit it was just out-of-the-blue and he was TOTALLY unsuspecting...on the floor...and I offered a 'massage' hahaha....whoops...(not)...not even with SHOES ON...bwhaha whatever...I jumped up on him with his arms still up supporting his back...stress your back? Awww, lay FLAT and I'll walk on it a little to RUB THAT IN...*evil grin*
    Mr. Stryder,

    I have been a HUGE fan of your work for years...your videos were some of the first signs to me that extreme trample was possible and that I was not the only one.
    I know you have a huge depth of experience - I could use your help/input. I posted in the discussion group regarding a ball-crushing question. If you would please give me your opinion on that, it would really help.
    "Now there is something I could spend hours (or a lifetime) doing; and wearing the permanent marks of your pleasure and my suffering for it. So pristine, dangerous and beautiful. A walking Stryder wet dream. Glad you like my new pics and hope to have many with you in future as well as movies that will rock our kinky world." mMm I FEEL like I have you right where I want you, but you're not UNDER ME? yet. I need to make you suffer. Physically.
    poke... poke... STOMP! SNAP! Email Me so I can respond when I wake in the morning, I'm off to bed, My adreneline levels lately have made it hard to sleep, you should be suffering for this while I KICK it back...;) Time to CRASH! Bwhahaha (PS-I envision you being hurt by Me on a daily basis...maybe I have a CRUSH? nahhhhhhhhhhhhahahahahaha)
    hello stryder,
    you posted this link http://www.stryderman.com/videos/036/036.htm,
    but unfortunetly there is no way to see the clip.

    I am searching for a clip, it is from the princess of pain with the red pumps. There is a clip with cbt from that mistress with you. I see the heel marks on your chest :-)
    i am searching this action, not the clip with cbt, if it existing...

    greats from cologne
    wolfi - stilettotrampolin -
    Hey Stryder, just stopping by to say hello..have not heard from you in a while Hope all is well, I was also wondering what happened to your thread "Such Beauty Such Carniage" ??
    hola amigos¡¡¡¡os invito un mes mas a ver mi nueva historia llamada dominacion a domicilio espero ke os guste,tanto las fotos como el relato¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ http://theworldoflickingfeet.blogspot.com// un saludo¡¡¡¡¡¡
    Stryderman Clips... where can i get some of you r original clips? esp the one where 2 girls (strippers?) are trampling you. they are on a table reaching for the ceiling, stepping and kicking your penis, and then the same girl is sitting in a chair kicking you with the bottom of her high heel stripper shoe

    call me or email me PLEASE
    they were on the site stryderman.com as demos or trailers or whatever you would call them :)

    Hello Stryder,

    I've been a long time fan of yours and I do not normally intrude on other members but I was on youtube and I stumbled over a clip that is definately of you.

    What I thought was unacceptable is this user put his name at the beginning of the clip. You have graciously shared a ton of your vids and unless this person has your permission to put his name on your clips I do not think that is right.

    I know that you have been through this many times before but if you are interested here is the link to your clip with his name.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m1KBM9zWMho&feature=mfu_in_order&list=UL

    I am not trying to start any problems nor do I know this individual or have anything against him other then noticing that he has possibly pirated your video. This is just to let you know what I found on there that shouldn't happen without your permission.

    Thaks again for all you have done for the trampling community. Take care and have a great day.
    hola maestro¡¡¡¡te invito a mi nueva aventura saturday night:high-heels en mi blog personal,espero ke te guste¡¡¡y tambien espero verte algun dia en persona y agradecerte todo lo ke haces por el mundo del fetichismo http://theworldoflickingfeet.blogspot.com//
    Hi Stryder,

    Today I saw your clip from years ago: punishing Heels 1 abd 2
    With a beautiful girl with white high heels and red heels and red ankle straps. With white underwear on.
    I really hope I can send you an email because I have a few questions for you.
    I really hope you can answer this message.


    Hi Stryder! I really like your pictures of goddess Demoness dancing on your face on a glass plate! Very nice! Also the pictures of teh beautiful red-headed girl I like so much! Can I also buy some DVDs from you of your tramplingsessions?
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