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  • Tad I would also like to see that group of sis sitting on bros. Please send me the invite if its still up. Thanks
    I was wondering what your and others experiences on the fart fetish stuff is and I have questions.
    what is it like and how powerful is it?
    what percent of women do you think you are intrigued to do this?
    how many of them like doing it with the face sitting?
    can they fart on command?
    are they a more powerful scent the bigger/firmer the ass or depending how fit she is? how many guys masterbate while having it happen?
    is it your number one fetish to everything else involving sex?
    Finally, how many women have exceptional asses that would be, well, "sniffable"? Cause I'm looking for someone like it and then take whatever sex/erection enhancements I can take to make it even more exciting. I have lots of pics that I would consider.
    Hello Tad,
    Here is marc (Athena2.net).
    Thanks for your good comment about ath244 "Wedge meets Ripped Princess" . Its a real pleasure to read it.
    So, as my english is not good and as I have no much ideas for my video comments, may I suggest you the following deal. I give you free access to athena2 videos you love and in the other hand you send me your comment for the full video. The only condition is that you do not transfert the file to some one else and that you do not upload it on other website.
    May be it will be a good deal for each of us !?
    Hey man, are your yahoo group about sister dominating their brothers still running? if it is can u tell me the adress??
    Hi Tad,

    I ve read your explanation about your fetish and think we share a lot.
    You can find my blog on google thesecondworld amazons.
    i would be curious to have your feedback
    also, i would be curious to know how your wife empowered you now as you said in a message
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