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  • hi i would like to trade a momdom scat story for the one you have mentioned . but when i try to open the ad in your post i get all sorts of forms to fill out and warnings . maybe i should just email it to that address .
    Hey, I'd love to read your new momdom scat story!

    Can you please post it to literotica or another site that allows it?
    Well let me know when the story is on the page, be fun to read it, though hope it ends on more consensual this time. If I had the time, it'd be nice to do alternative plots, or even just add my own ending to some of yours if you didn't mind?
    I do some fetish based sketches but the more mild fetishes, not the more extreme or disgusting ones lol
    I think that's because most don't wish to publicly be known for participating in this type of fetish based Art as it's not good for reputation.
    May have to create a fake email to message you for your website if you can't mention them. Ironically i don't like the visual side of this fetish, Only stories, i find videos or images to be grose and off putting, but the idea of it in dom/sub style story is appealing.
    Ah, so will that be on another site then? It'd be much more interactive and ideal for different preferences if people can choose their own ending or write their own. I'd not mind helping in writing or making alternatives.
    If i made an alternative ending to yours, but had to make it as close as possible to how you chose to end it, I'd not have her trick him, not have him blind, and every year on their anniversary, she celebrates it with with, sharing a meal and their drink together, basically jut more consensual.

    Also what do you sketch exactly? I happen to be pretty good at it but not sure i'd feel like sketching scenes in this fetish.
    Oh... what do you mean by game project? another story on this site? also why do you surpose you won't finish it? busy? I got into writing fetish stories but it was a completely different style, but still with a dom/sub aspect.

    Also, sooo...i don't wanna badger you but, The guy, is he at least part happy and still enjoying the fetish even in his situation, and he mainly panicked at first due to shock? ...I only ask as it's still quite distressing.
    ...You could always write an extended ending to it. His wife or now user in this alternative relationship could have been pregnant prior to putting him there. Then on their daughters 16th or 18th birthday, he's removed from the restraints and his eyes are unstuck to be informed he infact has a daughter who is now ready to join as his new user in training. Or just keep this in mind for a future story. Although i prefer Mother/sister than wife daughter, if that's ever crossed your mind as an idea?
    Would that really class as incest without sex though? i'm not too familiar with the rules on this site.
    This kinda helps a bit, i found it so distressing and haven't been able to stop thinking about it for days. How she could do something like this without his consent but since he still does find a certain pleasure in this fetish ...i hope???? and she still loves him but always wanted a toilet/user relationship over a husband/wife one then i guess it makes it a lot better. Though i still think the trick question for his freedom and the glued eyes were too far. She should have just said to him, ever since she started using him he's been in training to become a human toilet and she's more than convinced that he likes it enough to now be a full time one. So she removes her ring but lets him know she still loves him but she wants a user/toilet relationship not a husband. So it's still non-consensual but just ends on a slightly less horrific ending.
    What was the other development you had in mind? and what rules forbid that? I liked the fact she got more extreme, it gave a lot of sexual suspense as without that it would become boring but I feel that doesn't work when they become uncaring. I know it may just be a story and i don't expect you to care too much, but I'm struggling to process how she, his trusted wife, could trick him into making him think he'd have a choice in the end when she clearly devised it so he didn't and then doing that to him. It really did fuck my head up, and i can barely think since reading it, and it's making me kinda depressed and hating having this fetish. Could you not offer me any closer for him at the least? is he some what happy? although she took off her ring did she still remain single?. If i can't convince you to make a slight alternative could you tell me about the story you plan on writing that will end on a more consensual, less sociopathically horrifying note? please, it would mean a lot.
    I'm sorry to say this...But you have completely ruined your own story with the new ending. I liked this story because it was the one story where i could enjoy the fetish in a loving relationship that They shared their fetish together in which offered a great deal of intimacy which most stories like this don't have, and all the sexual tension came from her slowly pushing the boundaries and limits for her kinks. That's what made this story So much BETTER than most others But now you've made them into typical sadistic sociopaths which took ALL the intimacy away from the fetish and took what was unique about your story and made it into just another typical heartless evil mistress story...VERY disappointed. You should have kept them at that boundary when they realised they'd gone too far with the disposal. Even others in the comments agree, the characters changed so suddenly and it just ruined the story. You have plenty of other stories with sadists so there was no need
    I always willing to read other peoples stuff. I you would like to try a sequel and credit me. I wont see a problem with it.

    If have some new ideas but have not put it on paper yet. I'm thinking more of a break-up story in a way.
    Any way yeah I wanted to ask if you'd do a few paragraphs on that week, with lots of details of the girls using him, and his stomach slowly growing in size, maybe even them rubbing, poking and giggling at it as the girls upstairs flush xD and the bit where he's used as a dustin was awesome too, couldn't find any stories with that, so it'd be fun if you elaborated on that too, either put him back in that ''job role'' for a while or kept in that situation for longer. So where are you uploading the new story?
    Haha, yeah, Not sure if you'd read my comment if it was the length of your entire story xD
    I really liked your story though because it's different from most of the others, It's not just some or group of sadistic sociopath girls torturing someone for their fetish and saying how sick they are, when they're the ones engaging in it. In yours, they're in a loving relationship, but still over time she slightly abuses and takes advantage over the fetish. Also, and as gross as this is... lol I like the idea of the O gag and pipes, the stories where they're just sat there and have to catch it, is just bleh and boring, this way it's like they have little choice.
    Hey! I have a question about one of your stories ''Chapter 22: The lunchroom shift'' I liked the story, but the part at the end where he was basically used a ''ladies toilet'' for a week, was more implied than explained. Would you maybe consider doing a short story about it? with him being unable to move with the ring gag prying his jaws open for the plumbing to fit in for the entire time, and of course how the girls would giggle and mock his stomach as it would slowly become close to bursting by the end of the week... sorry for the long comment xD ...I just couldn't find any stories that were similar to that part.
    QUOTE: I'm making another game with a route similar to this story too, but won't be able to link to it here because of the rules. END_OF_QUOTE

    Hi The Necromancer
    I would love to know more about that game of yours.

    Feel free to e-mail me a link to where I lean more about

    Thanks in advance and thanks for a great story
    Interesting Nickname.
    Wondering what pulled you toward it...
    Do you practice, or just research?
    Or are you more curious about it?
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