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  • Rudy, I sent you an e-mail a while back regarding the ever elusive "Facesitting Follies" featuring Tracy Smith and Isabella Camille. Could you please e-mail back or respond here?
    Hi i have question.
    In your studios in clip4sale/13288 are some videos with tread.
    Do you added next video - for example under feet of justice or like the dog he is?
    hey Rudy, I was wondering if you had any info on a video that was done by way back in the day called 'Deck the Decorator', which had Kaitlynn and Eve Ellis in it. do you happen to know if there's any way of getting a digital copy of that video (preferably download, although DVD would work as well)?

    I was thinking I could sign up for a month's membership at but I'm not even sure that the video is still there...

    Hi friend. Are you mike from that got trampled by Tracy smith ? Do you know if she is still Active or what she does these Days? Hope for an answer thank you!
    I sent you and email in regards to being a trample slave for a photo shoot you can email me at thanks
    Hey, I can't find emails from you, for some reason. So send me an email when you can and I'll send you my phone number: matt (at) iitnow (dot) com

    The MDFF banners on your clips4sale sites, is there any chance you can make them clickable links?


    Loved the f/f trample clip.

    Would you be so kind as to contact me about this ?
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