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  • sorry it took me so long to answer I'm not good with computers if you want you could always contact me at but to answer your questions they just stepped up on him then down like he was nothing more than a step if I remember right his one sister was probably about 95 lbs his oldest sister was really tall and I am guessing she weighed at least 140
    Sorry for not giving you enough info but like I said I'm not good with writting however to answer your question they steped on his stomach as he was laying on the steps talking to me they only steped on him one at a time but I know at least once his youngest sister steped on his stomach and his oldest sister was right behind her. Hope that helps you out trampled 1 if you have any more questions you can reach me at
    Hi there, I just want to thank you very much for all of those amazing new pictures!! I also have an old video that you posted a long time ago (f/f) it was one of the best f/f belly trample I have ever saw. So real and erotic!! Thanks again,

    I guess the one you referred to as having hunted her down was me. Please know I didn't mean anything malicious. My apologies, it won't happen again.
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