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  • Hi Tread.
    I get started total List of your trample videos (name of mistress, name of videos, studios, year....) for overall info about your records. I don´t know, how much videos you record, but it was very very interesting to find out. Do you have overview ? Do you can help me with this? I don´t asking videos for sale, but some list of your all videos. Possibly we can create this List together. What do you think?
    Sorry for my bad english language.
    Please answer me:
    Hey Tread, where have you been? I have noticed you stopped producing content for quite sometime... You use to create the best videos... I hope everything is ok.
    Hey Tread,

    I'm trying to get ahold of the trample vixens video you did with Miss Darling... I can't find it anywhere. Do you know of where I can purchase it?
    Hey Tread,
    any plans for a store, were we re able to purchase videos you made in the past? (even if u stop producing...)

    I know there is a store on clips 4 sale but they sell only a very limited subset of your productions.

    Thanks in advance.

    Hey Tread. Sorry to hear you are stepping back from producing :-( I was wondering if you knew how I can get Ebony on Ivory series? I bought them years ago, lost them (hard drive crashed out), then re-bought but they will not work. I know you prob don't want to be bothered but I really like that series, perhaps my fav ever trampling series. Any advice on how I can acquire these??? Would be the third time buying. Thanks

    Kas the floorman
    Peek-a-boo My flat friend! I'm coming out west this weekend - you should come visit Me! My feet have missed such a big strong man whom I can crush into nothing so easily! ;) Miss you, tread! Hoping we can make those plans we discussed work out even if you can't come get under Me this upcoming trip. MWAAAH!
    Hey Tread, I remember there was a very hot clip you did in the past with Jolene and Kimmie. It was with Jolene wearing Daisy Duke looking jean shorts. Can you post a link for that or direct me to where I can buy that?
    Hey Tread,

    In case you are wondering why you are not receiving any money for your films from your FetishCod website it is probably because their purchase system is defective. I tried buying your Sado Ecstacy video using 3 different credit cards (which work fine on other sites) without any luck. Can you be chance upload Sado Ecstacy to your Clips4Sale store as well?

    Best Regards
    Hey tread great work! You said Starla moved to texas and still does trample. Where is she located now any contact info and what about skyler as well?
    hey tread,

    just wanted to say thank you for all of the great work that you do.
    much respect to the thound too.

    i appreciate it.
    Hey Tread,

    I'm in the Phoenix area till the end of the month. I was wondering if Jordyn Riley has a website or can she be hired for a trample session. NO nudity, just a straight up trample session. Thanks
    hi tread

    have u ever done a 3 girl piggy back while letting them stand on ur chest?!?!?!
    if so do u have any pics or even videos????
    Hey Tread,

    Glad you're not taking the summer off and getting trampled alot! Please don't get offened, but while I enjoy your f/m trample, I have been Jones'n for some more f/f. Any coming out soon?
    Dear Tread
    Good day

    I had stomped by my girl friend last night in the middle of my belly...... but it was reaaaaaally painful, I couldn't open my eyes,I couldnot breathe for a while.

    Until now my stomach really hurt , do you have any idea what will be my solution?
    Because I cannot be stop on trampling by girls.....and I know you are professional on this things

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