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  • Dude....everything you do is exactly where I'd love to be someday! Incredible work bro! How do you do it?? Not the trampling part....that's a given that I would love to be a part of someday with someone like the girls you work with...but how do you find people who are so happy and willing to trample you like that? It's been tough for me...I've had to find a lot of loopholes to work around my real end game and purposes. Ex: crack my back, stand on my chest because I workout and it helps my muscles, etc... But I'd love to find someone who is genuinely ok with the true nature of what we're looking for. Would love to know your secret! Thanks so much man!
    I am glad to find another guy into being trampled (from the Minneapolis area)! It is a comforting thing, like beef stew over toast on a cold day!
    Hey Buddy, my email is shoot me an email so I can send you the full clip! :)
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