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  1. stepoverme58

    Ms. Sweet's Picture Page

    Thank you....
  2. stepoverme58

    Ms. Sweet's Picture Page

    Welcome back, Ms Sweet!!! Your feet are indeed spectacular, but nothing beats your LEGS. Legs for me, legs, legs, and more legs!! Luv ya.
  3. stepoverme58

    Interesting Webfinds

    Ahhh...Wendi; I am your eternal doormat!!!!
  4. stepoverme58

    Old Anaconda Pics

    Thanks!!! Lady JoAnne was always so deliciously nasty...
  5. stepoverme58

    Under Skirt

    I have faith....
  6. stepoverme58


    I've run out of superlatives, Snoop...G-d Bless You!!!
  7. stepoverme58

    Bud's Facesitting Bonanza

    WomanWorship was another ome of those sites that ALWAYS got it just right!! Thanx
  8. stepoverme58

    Bud's Facesitting Bonanza

    Xenia, AKA....STELLAAAAA!!!!!!!!
  9. stepoverme58

    252 The best COMPILATION of our SGPIN QUEEN in glasses

    Be great to have one's head trapped between those thighs!!
  10. stepoverme58

    Victory poses and male humiliation

    Foot On Face was always one of my very favorite sites. Thanks so much for posting!!
  11. stepoverme58

    Victory poses and male humiliation

  12. stepoverme58

    Face torture under feet

    Oh God, this Woman.....
  13. stepoverme58

    Floor view foot domination

    The floor is my home...
  14. stepoverme58

    Teach My Husband A Lesson

    Nobody does it like Ms. Lily!!!!!!!!!
  15. stepoverme58

    Lily's Panty Facesitting and Wrestling

    You sure do have style, Ms. Lily!!!!!!!! I hope that fellow you'r always pouncing on appreciates you properly:):)