1. D

    Upskirt my friend took of me ;)!

    my friend took those upskirt of me and i thougth they were pretty hot and felt like sharing them to see what people think ;) hope you enjoyed, tell me what you think ;)
  2. MissMinaBBW

    PAWG Farts In Skin Tight Holographic Leggings & White Panties

    Download my PAWG Farts In Skin Tight Holographic Leggings & White Panties video at your fav clip sites: GodMotherOfAss Many Vids Store I Want Clips Watch almost 300 of my hottest big butt BBW fetish porn videos & get regular updates for one low price. No BS. Go here...
  3. L

    Housewife fart compilation featuring Mary

    Mary is renowned to have stinky farts; she has already fessed up about stinking up a classroom as a sub teacher and clearing 3 aisles at Wallmart. In this 6 minutes video this middle aged blond is farting on the toilet, on 3 cakes, in the air (contributing Methane CH4 to global warming) and...
  4. M

    Chastity cage day 10- all day live facesitting pics/discussion :)

    25 minutes ago I tied my bf up as usual and his nose has been up my unshowered asshole ever since :) since I don't let him cum just edging and teasing I can get him to do whatever I want :) Like the other weekend I'm going to sit on his face all day... For now he breathes only through his nose...
  5. F

    Amateur Homemade BBW Facesitting Pics & Videos

    Hey guys me and my girlfriend are very interested in starting our own clips 4 sale site specifically for facesitting, smothering and more, so before we do that I would like to hear some input, any tips on starting up a clips4sale site, what we need to do and etc, It would really help and be...
  6. M

    Morning smother before work

    I woke up and hour before the alarm and since he was still asleep I decided to tie him and wake him up with an hour of smothering before getting up. He was quite shocked to wake up with his nose up my asshole and squirmed a bit. So i said 'oh shut up and take it. I'm going to smother you for...
  7. M

    Slave to my asshole- My new rules for the next month

    His dick has been locked up in the chastity cage for 4 days now. I'm not going to let him cum for a whole month. This way he will become completely devoted to licking my pussy and asshole, as well as sniffing my farts without any hesitation. By having him tied up, and taking the cage off and...
  8. M

    Tonight- tied up smother until he had nothing left

    So yeah after I made him sniff my asshole he thought he had been let off, not a chancehaha! I took off my thong, tied him up and smothered him with no letting up for air at all:) I told him that I won't lift my butt and that he has to move to breathe hehe:) I farted up his nose a couple of...
  9. M

    The evening- making him sniff my farts through my thomg

    After dinner I went and did squats and running and had a protein shake so that when I got back it was a perfect time to make my bf sniff my sweaty asshole and farts through my thong :) I didn't even have to tie him up, I just layed on the bed and said 'get on your knees and sniff my asshole...
  10. M

    Requested by rhino- locking his head in place with my feet :)

    In one of the threads I was asked to lock his head into my asshole with my feet so yeah :)
  11. M

    Facesitting him all day today :)

    I have nothing to do so my boyfriends nose is going to stay in my asshole until bedtime haha:) I've been sat on his face for a minute at a time(i only let him breathe before it's been a minute when I'm farting up his nose) for about 3 hours now hehe, as usual he is tied up with the cock ring on...
  12. M

    How to get my bf to fully submit to me?

    I've posted a lot of stuff on what I do to make sure my boyfriend knows his place... I smother him for at least a minute at a time, I make him smell my farts, I tie him up, I make him lick and sniff my asshole and wear a chastity cage etc But he always has a bit of resistance ugh, so yeah will...
  13. M

    Training my bf to know his place... Nose in asshole, tongue in pussy :)

    I didn't shower last night, and today I did an hours running and squats while my bf was at work hehe As soon as he comes in now it's: Tie him up Put on chastity cage Make him sniff my asshole Make him lick my pussy Smother him for at least 1 minute at a time Once I've cummed make him lick...
  14. M

    What I'm doing to do to my facesit slave bf on Friday!!

    today I made my boyfriend buy some bondage stuff online I got A mouth dildo gag Bondage tape A remote controlled vibrating cock ring Handcuffs A chastity cage A clit vibrator Omg:D So yeah my plan is to tie him up as usual, then I'm gonna hover my butt just over his nose and tell him...
  15. M

    BF's nose is up my asshole right now

    My restrained slave has been licking my asshole clean since we got home from our fight back from Florida. He's not going anywhere for at least another 4 hours. What shall I do to him?
  16. M

    Intro to me and my facesit sub boyfriend

    Hi, my name is Rachel and I've been with my sub bf James for nearly 2 years now. He got me into facesitting around 18 months ago and since then he's gradually become my slave to worship my pussy and asshole hehe. We've recently been getting into taking pictures and making clips of what j do to...
  17. M

    Girlfriend to tie me up and facesit me

    Hi, I'm relatively new here and I don't post much, However my girlfriend told me that tomorrow she will tie me up and force me to lick her ass and pussy. And she said she won't let me breathe until she is satisfied:D She facesits me regularly, but this is is the first time she has told me what...
  18. P

    amateur socks

    The best website ever for amateur teen socks Contact me to share pictures :-)
  19. PSarah

    Bikini Trample

    We're going to a pool party - let's chat on this fucking rug! Featuring new face & feet by Princess Ryder.