1. PSarah

    Sarah Diavola - Human Beans

    HUMAN BEANS THROWBACK THURSDAY - CLASSIC CLIP! Original release date: February 2016 Mmmmm.....I finally found the nest of teeny humans who've been living in my house. Listen. If we're going to live together, I need to teach you a lesson. I need you to recognize and fear my power! Besides - I...
  2. PSarah

    SARAH DIAVOLA - Microscopic Man

    MICROSCOPIC MAN CUSTOM: "I want you to pretend I'm really tiny and I MEAN REALLY TINY! I want to be far smaller than small; so small that a city to me could fit on your toe nail. So small that if you took the ring off your finger and set it down it would be so many miles tall that airplanes...
  3. PSarah

    SARAH DIAVOLA - Amazon Exploration 2

    AMAZON EXPLORATION 2 They're at it again, the puny little humans trying to explore Planet Amazon! Didn't you guys learn from last time, when I grabbed your helicopters and took you on a forced tour of My GIANT BODY, then..... um... something unfortunate happened to you? Well, let Me remind...
  4. PSarah

    SARAH DIAVOLA - Huge Hunger! w/ Miaa Evon

    HUGE HUNGER! Ooooh, what do We have here? It's all these tiny little stupid people beneath Us! I have worked up such an appetite today, haven't You, Maia? I'm starving, and I can hear Our tummies growling and eager to be filled. I bet those little people down there would taste yummy, don't...
  5. PSarah

    SARAH DIAVOLA - Amazon Exploration Part 1

    AMAZON EXPLORATION PART 1 What is that down there? Another group of humans, come to MY island, to study ME? When will humanity learn? I will never be tamed nor conquered! How should I dispose of you this time? How will I toy with you before I end each and every one of your tiny little...
  6. A

    Amazon Annie Productions x

    FACESIT PRACTICE w. Amazon Annie Steve the JOBBER, has no idea what Amazon Annie has in mind for him today. Stretching on her YOGA MAT, Annie asks him, 'Can you help me with something?'. Little does he know, she is looking for a FACESIT DUMMY! Close-up of Annie sitting on his...
  7. M

    Samantha's Mixed Wrestling Domination HD

    The beautiful Samantha Muscle is dressed in a silver one piece spandex suit and is out to prove how skill and female muscle can outclass a larger male in wrestling. Hands locked as they tussle for position, Samantha quickly takes him down and stretches him out in a powerful grapevine. Utilizing...
  8. M

    Amazon goddess forced ejaculation games - jerk to survive!

    POUNDED and BEATEN DOWN by the beautiful and BRUTAL AMAZON GODDESS, KENDALL contestants have no choice, but to pound away at their cocks in this nasty race OF ANAL VORE ELIMINATIONS... . . . VOICE OF AMAZON GODDESSES BY SAUDI MISTRESS Watch Preview here Download it here Check out...
  9. M

    Amazon goddess candy lane's call of booty -- underworld warfare

  10. M

    New Amazon Goddess Candy Lane's Man Eating Asses - Forced Ejaculation Games

    Shackled and made to watch as one of their buddies gets POUNDED and BEATEN DOWN by the beautiful and BRUTAL AMAZON GODDESS, KENDALL contestants have no choice, but to pound away at their cocks in this nasty race to avoid the inevitable DIRTY DEMISE that will ultimately be the VICIOUS ANAL V O R...
  11. T

    ZZZ Comics New Comic Releases

    Now available at ZZZ Comics: The long awaited Growing Circle sequel is finally here! Once 3D, now fully illustrated! All the sexy Growing Circle witches are back! In the aftermath of losing their powers the witches stumble upon a new magical item that leads...
  12. M

    JC's Mixed Wrestling Domination HD This out of shape moron decided it was a bright idea to challenge blonde amazon JC Simpson to a wrestling match. His futile struggles are quickly met with a front headlock.haJC then seizes the opportunity by locking him in her world famous headscissors. He taps then...
  13. D

    Metal Heeled Stilettos Trample

    Mistress Divinyl is a Transgendered individual. If you are offended by this, then click off this post now, rather than leave intolerant remarks. Thank you! Hello Forum Friends, I just finished posting a new trample clip to My clips4sale store, titled Life Under My Heels...
  14. J

    He Is Not Screaming Enough YET

    He Is Not Screaming Enough (HD) We will Make Sure He Does Whitney was tickling this guys feet and having some fun when Catherine and Phoebe went looking for her. Apparently Whitney didn't have him laughing loud enough to catch their attention so they decide to help her really tickle torture...
  15. U

    Spanking by Mistress Charlize

    Hey all, Just opened up a new clips4sale store featuring the lovely 6'3" ebony amazon Mistress Charlize. One of our first clips features the Mistress smoking a cigarette while paddling her sub. More content coming soon!
  16. M

    Bury yourself under something thick

    From XXXtreme Submissions: These girls are the perfect size to wrap around a face for that tight seal.
  17. T

    Amber Black - Wrestles & Lifts!

    Check out the HOT new clip starring 6 ft tall amazon, Amber Black! The first part of the clip is mixed wrestling, where she uses her superior size, strength and skill to demolish her opponent. In the second half, Amber demonstrates Lifts & Carries on her weakened opponent, including...
  18. T

    Amazon Tara's Toy

    Check out the hot NEW clip starring Amazon Tara!! She wrestles her much smaller opponent and uses her big, juicy thighs to squeeeze him and make him submit! She does a few really cool Lifts & Carries, too. See it here:
  19. E!

    ExtremeBBWs IS HERE...'nuf said