anal domination

  1. NatalyaSadici

    Rubberized Fuckdoll

    The following video is now available for purchase at Sadici Studios Rubberized Fuckdoll "How many guys have fucked you since I've last seen you? Do you even know?" My rubberized doll can't answer the question, as she's been roaming the streets like a trollop. Since she's been such a whore, I...
  2. AATBxxx

    An Unethical Examination - MEDICAL ANAL PLAY

    MISSROPER.COM presents... "An Unethical Examination" FEMALE DOMINATION - ANAL - BONDAGE MALE - STRAITJACKET - MEDICAL FETISH - ROLE PLAY Little did this patient know that a "routine prostate exam", would turn into him being held captive in a restrictive straitjacket; his legs spread wide in...
  3. supremekn

    Young Goddess Club - Mistress Vivienne l'Amour from London

    YOUNG GODDESS CLUB - THE FEMDOM SHOP present MISTRESS VIVIENNE L'AMOUR FROM LONDON - THE ENGLISH EDUCATION Strap-on - Fisting - Anal Training - Paddle - Spanking - Humiliation My HD videos are on
  4. B

    Shemale Ass Fuckers 45: Claudia

    Claudia Jo has sexy eyes, thick lips big tits short hair and a healthy sized Italian torch between her legs. She does some 69 with her new man friend before laying him out, splitting his thighs and plugging his anus.
  5. B

    Shemale Ass Fuckers 40: Thayssa

    Shemale Ass Fuckers 40: Thayssa
  6. B

    Shemale Ass Fuckers Vol. 1: Jessica Ninfeta

    Shemale Jessica Ninfeta takes control and gives her man an incredible ass banging.
  7. B

    Double Domme Anal Humiliation

    The Mistress and Queen have the lucky slave restrained to the cross. Lady goes to work spanking, whipping and giving pleasure getting his cock hard. Now its The Mistress's turn as she begins the flogging. The Goddesses now have the slave right where they want him on spread eagle in bondage with...
  8. R

    NEW STORY!!! (femdom, insertions, anal, assworship, etc)

    Hope you like it!! you can check it in my blog too: Cheers!! A STEAMING ON-LINE SESSION WITH MY GIANT BOOTYFUL MISTRESS By Ramvo Claudia held me inside her warm giant hand while she was preparing her webcam and her laptop in order to...
  9. C

    >>Anal extravaganza<<

    Domme Myra continues her sophisticated tortures by torturing sissy’s ass – she fingers him and then puts on a huge dildo and fucks him thoroughly. Free video preview here.
  10. B

    Pump to Cum

    Mistress Anastasia Pierce fits slave Michelle Lay with nipple clamps, before allowing her to suck on an inflatable anal plug. Once the butt plug is all lubed up with her spit, it goes tenderly into Michelle's ass. Anastasia works the plug in and out of her ass, plays with the inflation pump and...
  11. B

    Strap On Sissy Slave

    The Mistress' sissy rubber slave is learning how to handle a cock. The Mistress first starts by giving him a mouth fucking, forcing him to suck her strap on rubber cock. Afterwards, she fills his ass with her cock, fucking him from behind. The Mistress...
  12. B

    Anal Anticipation

    Mistress Anastasia pierce has her hand up Slave Gia Paloma's ass. She then fetches a dildo to cram down her throat, forcing her to gag and drool. Once it's slippery and wet, she hands it over to Gia who eagerly puts it into her own ass. After fucking the toy for a while, Anastasia puts her...
  13. B

    Assume The Position

    Princess Dora bends over slave Frankie Dashwood for a sharp flogging. Once she's done punishing her ass, she forces her onto her knees to worship her powerful legs, and then to be smothered by her large tits. Mistresses LIVE Now
  14. P

    Fucked Deep Inside My Ass

    Fucked Deep Inside My Ass I love dreaming up fun games to play with my shrunken little pets. Sure, sometimes they're quite cruel and sadistic but that's what turns me on. Today there's something I want to try that was suggested by a fan. I'm going to take this little man, place him on my...
  15. E

    Bend Over, You're Gonna Fuck Yourself

    Ms. Elena wants to have a little more fun with Her slave today. She has him ready and waiting in his humbler when She comes in with her tens unit in hand. Ms. Elena controls the intensity on the electric butt plug so she can decide how hard and how fast this little slut fucks himself. Meanwhile...
  16. W

    Miss Vivian's Punishment Probing 1

    "Miss Vivian's Punishment Probing 1 Miss Vivian's favorite sexual deviants has been playing with his asshole. The beautiful seductress is not having any of it. She informs him that she will have to open him up wide. She teases his ass relentlessly before finally penetrating his tight hole...
  17. T

    The Victorian 'Underskirt Boy' at Lady Flaxenworth's

    The Victorian 'Underskirt Boy' at Lady Flaxenworth's by Thorilla (It was 1892 and I, David Shaw, then aged 19 joined 'Maynard and Son, Purveyors to Gentlewomen and to Ladies of the Aristocracy' on Upper Richmond Road, Putney. The job involved providing 'underskirt services' to single...