ashley dobbs

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    Faroced to smells Ashley's Ass

    Here is a picture of Ashley's ass as she spews steamy bubbly farts on my face and up my nose. Poor me (Lizzy the Queen Of Farts) is tied up and cannot escape the treacherous torture of Ashley Dobbs dirty farting ass! I am forced to worship AshleyDobbs huge farting ass in all it’s farting glory...
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    Ashley Dobbs Funky Debut!!

    Come See the Legendary Ashley Dobbs FUNKY Debut for Ladies Keeping It Funky!! Ashley and I have teamed up and she will be bringing all new Farting and EFRO content to LKIF in the Future!! Check out her Endless Farts and Sharts in her debut clip!!
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    Giant Enema 4 Lizzy

    I give my friend Ashley Dobbs her very first lesson on enema techniques. She watches closely, helps me fill up the giant enema bag and assists me the procedure. then finally I blast out a thick long gush of anal fluid violently from my erupting ass.
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    Giant Enema for Ashley Dobbs

    I am excited to announce that I Lizzy the Queen Of Farts had so much fun giving AshleyDobbs her very first enema. Yes you heard me right. . . I gave Ashley Dobbs an enema!!!! And I used a huge authentic medical enema bag to assure complete cleansing of her colon. This was all part of a custom...
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    Face Farts with Ashley Dobbs

    Since a lot of you guys ask me what Ashley Dobbs farts smell like I decided to answer your question here. All I can say is… pure heaven and hell! But seriously. . . It all depends on what she ate for breakfast, lunch and dinner the prior day. So I guess you could say diet is everything and...
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    Breakfast Farts (free sample)

    This video is so funny. I almost made Ashley Dobbs throw up and Addison Lynne just laughed.
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    Eggy Farts for Girls

    I'm serving up a hot batch of Eggy farts for my sexy friends Ashley Dobbs and Addison Lynne. Mmmm yummy breakfast farts are served.
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    3 Girls Farting in Vegas (FREE VIDEO)

    Hey guys, Thank you so much for being so nice and supportive on this forum. I appreciate all your compliments, kind words, and just being so appreciative to everything I post. Here is a free video taken while I was farting in Las Vegas with my friends. Not a whole lot of farts but the footage...