1. UnderGiantessFeet

    Swallow Dirt and Spit From My Big Boots

    New model who loves when slaves lick her boots. Yasmine makes me to clean her well-worn dirty boots. I love to lick her big 10US boots; they taste so strong, especially the soles. She forces me to lick and swallow all street dirt, grime and small pieces of trash, such as the old grass. She looks...
  2. E

    Smoke and Bare Soles POV

    Watch me smoke back to back cigarettes while flexing and wrinkling my bare soles right in your face. I take long drags, letting the thick, white smoke billow from my prefect mouth. Sometimes blowing the smoke hard in your direction to force it upon you. Of course you are just to mesmerized with...
  3. E

    Driving Glove Smoke Break POV

    I'm taking a quick break to enjoy a cigarette or two. I love holding my a lit cigarette between my leather clad fingers. Watch me smoke in my black driving gloves. As I take long drags and blow out the thick white smoke I tell you all about how much I love leather gloves and smoking. Now...
  4. E

    Smoke and Spit POV

    So hopeful. You watch as I take every long slow drag off my cigarette, blowing out the white puffs of smoke billow out of my mouth. You want so badly to earn this. You wish you could be this ashtray. Eating all of my ash, being fed my long, slowly dripping spit. Do you think you are worthy...
  5. D

    Tied and abandoned

    Hi guys I would love to be chained up and left, my partner has chained me up and gone for a bath before for over an hour but she hasn't wanted to go out not even to the shop. Just wondered if anyone liked this and if they had any ideas of what else my partner could do to me whilst I'm...
  6. M

    Shut Up Bitch Swallow

    Watch as I, Mistress Alicia, Forces My slave down on his knees and trains his mouth as My ashtray and spittoon. I slap his face hard repeatedly each time I want him to swallow. Watch Me spit right in to his mouth, blow the smoke in his face, dip My cigarette ashes on his tongue, and smack My...
  7. C

    Abusing the Human Ashtray with Cybill B. Troy

    Cybill meets a nice boy who wants to hang out, but she's going to make him earn it! Tying his hands and feet with rope, she sits on his back, burning and teasing him. Grabbing him by his hair and pulling back his head, she breaks him in as an ashtray and spits in his mouth and on his face, not...
  8. A

    AMERICAN-GODDESS.COM -Foot worship, Trampling, Shoe sole licking, Ashtray, Spit, Food

    First I would like to acknowledge Daddo for all his help, patience, kindness, grace and humility, in helping me through my formative years back in the Delphi days. I owe him a great debt of gratitude and without him my site would not have been possible. He never hesitated once to offer me a...
  9. giotto72001

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