1. Z

    Chinese Girl Loves Smothering

    The following story is a recent chance encounter I had. I changed the names of myself and the other person involved, as well as changing a few minor details (like locations and time). Everything is true except for those minor changes, and I still can't believe it happened either. I am a senior...
  2. jimmmywanng

    Bad Pedicure = Brutal Trample

    Goddess Rachel has come home from a long day at school! she orders her slave to take off her shoes and socks, and worship her feet before giving a pedicure! she makes him suck on her sweaty socks while he works! Goddess Rachel isn't happy though! he missed a few spots! she orders her slave to...
  3. jgrass1

    Irish's Revenge on Kim Chi<<

    Irish has learned a lot from Kim Chi. She soaked in all the lessons in smothering and dominating and really took all those pointers to heart. Well, it just so happens she found Kim Chi trying to take a nap (NEVER a good idea in the Ramon Facefull house!) So Irish does what any apt and proud...
  4. jgrass1

    Kim Chi Domme Lessons

    We are so happy to welcome Kim Chi to the Ramon's Facefull family! Irish has asked a favor of her. She would like to be a better domme and has paid Kim Chi to be her teacher. "Where is your sub?" Kim asks "Sub?" Irish replies Oh dear...without a sub, how will Kim be able to teach Irish her...
  5. trampletime1969

    Hong Kong Group Trample

    Hi trample friends, I have been traveling and getting tons (literally) of new trample material to share! I have a new store on ManyVids with a lot of the new stuff: but many of the old videos are still on I have...
  6. expiableera

    thick ass asian domme - original content - facesitting, smothering, denial and more - check us out!

    Hello. I am a sub to an incredible Asian domme who wants me to share online how she dominates me and keeps me in my place. The above gif is from our first full video of decent quality: We have another video of facesitting and one of her...
  7. FemdomFights

    Nicole Oring Beats Darrius and Duncan - Femdom Boxing

    From 2011, Nicole Oring kicks Darrius and Duncan's collective ass so hard you would think she's the one who wrote the script!
  8. M

    2 Bratty Asian Goddesses Spitting on you

    Duo Spitting Humiliation Clip! WATCH THE VIDEO TEASER ON MY BLOG: GET THE FULL VIDEO HERE: Get on your knees, where you belong, loser. That’s right. You know your place. You want to taste Our lips? Sure…but we’re doing it...
  9. FemdomFights

    Crystal vs Darrius Boxing Rematch

    A fantasy femdom boxing custom featuring Crystal, who doesn't make fighting videos anywhere else... Preview and more info on
  10. JulieSimone

    Panty Thief Spanking Threat - Eden Alexander

    Asian Goddess Eden Alexander caught you stealing Her panties yet once again! This time She's not going to go easy on you. She has a thick wooden shower brush with a long handle that will be perfect for spanking that naughty bottom of yours. She tells you all about how She's going to discipline...
  11. M

    Miss XI's dirty feet licked clean

    I've just got back from My friend's backyard BBQ, where I was walking around barefoot in in the grass all day. Unfortunately, I seemed to have stepped in something slightly sticky, so the dirt has stuck all over My soles. As I walk into the house I notice that I've left a muddy trail of...
  12. B

    Beautiful Asian BBW Sara Aikawa Facesits

    Hello! I wanted to share Sara's newest updates to her website,! Gorgeous and sexy, who wouldn't want this big fat ass planted on their body...whether it be their face, chest or other "areas", haha.
  13. AstroDomina

    Lots of new Face Sitting clips by AstroDomina

    Hi all - new to the forum, but I've been crushing faces with my big Asian Bubble Butt for a long time now. Check out some of my Face Sitting clips on my clips store: I would love to get feedback on my videos and I love love love making...
  14. JulieSimone

    Eden Alexander Leather Gloves Asian Mistress

    Eden Leather Glove Fetish Asian Domme Eden Alexander puts on a pair of soft leather gloves while telling you about Her love for leather. Buy the clip at or get ALL My clips for one low price at LEATHER, LEATHER FETISH...
  15. B

    Ladies Toilet #15: Omsin

    Ladies Toilet #15: Omsin
  16. B

    Ladies Toilet #14: Nan

    Ladies Toilet #14: Nan LADIES AND LADYBOYS TOILET
  17. B

    Ladies Toilet #13: Biw

    Thai little hotty on the potty Biw pee pee's for you twice in the clip. Could very well be the best one yet! Ladies and Ladyboys Toilet
  18. JulieSimone

    Asian Mistress Human Ashtray POV

    Video Update : Asian Dominatrix Mistress Trinity smokes a cigarette while talking down to you, Her human ashtray. She allows you to take Her ash in your mouth, ending the clip by putting out Her hot red cherry on your moist tongue. Buy the clip at or get ALL...
  19. C

    Japanese Butts

    How about some POV facesitting with farts: :think2:
  20. B

    Best Asian Foot Sites?

    Ok for all the lovers of hot beauitufl Asian women, this post is for you. I recently went to Thailand on vacation. I've sort of in recent years started to have a 'thing' for Asian women but when I went to Thailand and had some experiences some foot related and some not, but it only make me...