ass humiliation

  1. jimmmywanng

    Mistress Alisha Bartlett - Candid ToothBrush Abuse Alisha is on the toilet doing her business when she sees the toilet paper roll IS EMPTY!!! she has told her slave 1000 times to keep it full! after a slight moment of anger she decides to just use his toothbrush! she peals her...
  2. Alesya20

    0156 Princess Bertie

  3. Alesya20

    Sexy Princess 0149 Morgana stands on his body with huge heels and feels no pity for the slave

    Sexy Princess 0149 Morgana stands on his body with huge heels and feels no pity for the slave ↓↓↓ PUSH ↓↓↓ Young Princess Morgana Best Video Studio beautiful-girls! Pantyhose Domination Sexy Morgana Girl the size of...
  4. PSarah

    SARAH DIAVOLA - Booty Bully

    BOOTY BULLY I may be little, but I'm the biggest bully at My gym, and I saw you from across the entire building. I could tell that you were a weenie. I can see that you'll break at the slightest pressure. I know you'll get on your knees for Me. I know I can beat you up. Get on the floor...
  5. Alesya20

    098 Bertie Face Sitting Spitting Humiliation

    098 Bertie Face Sitting Spitting Humiliation
  6. Furetto

    This Apple Tastes Like Ass! (Fetish Obsession for stinky asshole)

    New Video at Fetish Obsession Do you remember the famous joke told by the infamous italian politician Silvio «Bunga Bunga» Berlusconi? Obviously I refer to the silly story based on an apple that smelled of ass. Well, in this clip, Fetish...
  7. Furetto

    This asshole stinks a lot and smells like sh** (Bdsm & Fetish Milano)

    New Video avalaible at In this video Little Acab will try to fart! Yes, you can say it's a ''crackling'' clip in the true sense of the word :). A client asked us to put the twenty-six-year-old Little Acab (a rebel and dangerous girl...
  8. Alesya20

    The Best! Betty and Bertie.19 YRS OLD Trina cooked breakfast for her Mistress, but accidentally dropped the plate and smashed it ... She was very frightened, because Mistress would be very angry and punish her. Trina wanted to escape, hide, started...
  9. Alesya20

    sexy Russia girls Betty Domination

    Bertie comes from the party and notices that her beloved slave has been messing around all day. What a shame! It will cause a severe punishment. Bertie has already come up with an idea how to torment her little bitch. She spits on the glass and drives her face along the sweet saliva, smeared out...
  10. PSarah

    SARAH DIAVOLA - Ass Licker Wallet Drain

    This is a POV clip. There is no actual face sitting. ASS LICKER WALLET DRAIN CONTAINS NUDITY For the PRIVILEGE of licking My holy asshole, you will pay a hefty price. Each. Fucking. Kiss. Want to smell My ass? Pay Me. Want to kiss My ass? Pay Me. Want to lick My ass and be...
  11. PSarah

    SARAH DIAVOLA - Behind Enema Lines

    BEHIND ENEMA LINES Are you ready for some butt stuff? First, I want you to humiliate yourself in public by buying an excessive amount of enemas. I’ll guide you through which ones to buy. I’ll even add a little tiny task to make it even more embarrassing for you. Next, you’re going...
  12. G

    Thai Mistress | Goddess Pasaya | A few of my Facesitting Photos

    Hey I'm Goddess Pasaya from , my Asian femdom website - Thai to be specific and since this is my first post I'm just saying hello and leaving you with a few of my facesitting photos. You're welcome to leave me a message here or email me : The Mistriss...
  13. cbtrampling

    Lara Cuore facesitting, eating Jellybabies

    Mistress Lara has commanded her slave to prepare a small bowl with jellybabies for her - little sharks. Then he had to lay down on the sofa and wait for her. The Goddess, today only in negligee and underwear takes the bowl, sits down on slave's face and eats the jelly sharks. It looks so sexy...
  14. G

    My big black booty

    A humiliating message from Chocolatedomme: Worship and stroke to My big round ebony butt. Just relax and let the music pull you BIG Custom made clips: Read Her blog...
  15. Y

    "Little Loser in a Stinky Journey" with a sampler!

    You never know what will happen to your house when you leave your boyfriend home alone...Yuliya comes back from her 2 week trip to find the place all messy and stinky, with mountains of decomposing garbage. Mike, Yuliya's boyfriend, is playing video games, totally oblivious to the stench of the...
  16. M

    "double drilling"

    This is the conclusion to "Extreme torture with Power tools" My slave was late for his Milking session and tardiness I do not tolerate. My time is very valuable to me and I refuse to waste it on idiots like you. As punishment I shove a power drill down his urethra, drilling up and down, fast...
  17. Y

    small cock Gets Punished!

    you displeased Me, small cock, last time when I ordered you to drink My precious Golden Nectar. You missed a DROP! Today, you will get your fair punishment. I will tie you up to the toilet chair, and with no safe word or any warning, I will take a huge stinky dum**p right into your pathetic...