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  1. brazilfeet

    Worship Kauanne Big Ass Pt.1

    Worship Kauanne Big Ass Pt.1 Slave Cinthia worships her Domme ass for several minutes letting the Black Goddess very horny. HOT SCENES OF: ASS LICKING, INTERRACIAL AND LESBIAN!!!
  2. S

    I like HomeMade Fetish!

    "MY ASS CLEANER" video#0A My first video: coming back home after working hard all the day I find my slave ready for refresh and clean my precious asshole. 4 (four) cams including microspy fetish camera! Enjoy it! :thumbsup: VIDEO PREVIEW HERE ! VIDEO PREVIEW HERE ! VIDEO PREVIEW HERE !
  3. W

    Cleanup skill testing by cruel black bbw Mistress

    As a black bbw Mistress I regularly test the cleanup skills of my skinny whiteboy slave. What I do every couple of days is the following: I starve my slave so he's hungry and willing to work hard for food all day. All day I eat normal while he doesn't get even a drop of water. After dinner I...
  4. TheBSSG

    2 Updates! Deep Ass Licking & Nude Brutal Buttdrops

    I wanted to get DIRTY this time, have him all up in my ass tonguing away, pleasuring me in the naughtiest way possible ;) Unfortunatly, he didn't do a very good job at licking the depths of my huge ass, so I took my panties off and used my huge ass to punish him :D Enjoy both these clips at my...
  5. N

    Ass Cleaning Slave Hotel Part 2 (!!!)

    Part 2 Mistress K shoved a dildo up the slave’s ass and he cried but she didn’t care. Mistress L facesat the slave while Mistress K moved the dildo around, ass fucking him. He slave cried but his screams only tickled Mistress L’s asshole. She laughed and decided to shit in his mouth. Since...